Best Third Party Apps For Tesla Owners 2024

Do you own a Tesla and wish to enhance your driving and ownership experience? Third-party apps for Tesla have gained popularity for their unique features that further improve the way we interact with our cars.

This blog post will guide you through the best of these apps, detailing their key points from trip planning to battery health monitoring. Ready to navigate towards a better Tesla experience? Let’s charge ahead!

What Are Third Party Apps for Tesla?

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Third party apps for Tesla are tools made by other people, not Tesla. They can do things that the official Tesla app cannot do. They work with your car and help you get more from it.

For example, apps like Teslafi or StatsApp give you deep info about how your car is doing and how you drive.

Tesla respects these useful tools. In fact, they have a way to manage third-party services in their cars’ software now! Also, they put out a guide for those who want to make new apps.

This tells people how they can build helpful tools safely.

This article looks at the following third party Tesla apps:

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)
AutoMate for Tesla
Dashboard for Tesla
Remote for Tesla
Scan My Tesla
Stats: For Tesla Model S/X/3
Tesla Waze
Tesla Mirror
Tesla Myq
Tesla Audible
Tesla Amptech

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)

This app enhances your Tesla journey with its detailed trip planning feature, real-time energy usage monitoring, and accurate predictive locations of charging stations.

Key Points: Trip planning, real-time energy usage tracking, and charging station predictions

Many Tesla owners find value in using A Better Routeplanner. This app is great for:

  1. Trip Planning: The app uses traffic, charging times and a lot more to give the best routes.
  2. Real-Time Energy Usage Tracking: With ABRP you can see how much energy your Tesla uses in real time.
  3. Charging Station Predictions: The app also tells where you can find charging stations next on your route.

AutoMate for Tesla

This app enables Tesla owners to control various vehicle functions through their phone or smartwatch, and it also offers integration with Siri for greater ease of use.

Key Points: Control vehicle functions via phone or Watch, Siri integration

You can now use your phone or Watch to control your Tesla. This is a big help. It’s due to an app called AutoMate for Tesla. Here are some things you can do with it:

  1. Control your car with just your voice.
  2. Use Siri, the voice helper on Apple devices.
  3. Run tasks without opening the app.
  4. Start a task from your iPhone’s home screen.
  5. Get more done with fewer steps.

Dashboard for Tesla

The Dashboard for Tesla app allows you to personalize your vehicle’s display, record and analyze trips, offering a more insightful drive. Delve deeper into this innovative tool in our full review!

Key Points: Customizable vehicle display, trip recording and analysis

Tesla owners can enjoy great features with the Dashboard for Tesla app. This app is like a tool box made just for your Tesla car.

  1. Customizable vehicle display: You can change how your car’s screen looks. Use what you like best.
  2. Trip recording: You can keep track of all your drives. It’s simple and easy.
  3. Analysis: You get to look at details about each trip. Know where you drove most or spent too much energy.

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Remote for Tesla

This versatile app allows Tesla owners to seamlessly control various vehicle functions, including summoning your car from its parking spot with the innovative Summon mode.

Key Points: Control vehicle functions, Summon mode

The Remote for Tesla app is a cool tool you can use. It gives you ways to control your vehicle that are not in the Tesla Mobile App. Here’s why it’s one of the best apps for Tesla owners.

  1. Control Vehicle From Far Away: The app lets you do things like lock and unlock the car, turn on the AC, or even start charging from your phone.
  2. Use Summon Mode: You can make your Model 3 park itself, or come to you in an empty lot with the help of this feature. Like a remote-controlled car!
  3. No Need To Be Inside: With Smart Summon, your Tesla moves without anyone driving it! It can leave a parking space and come find you.
  4. Not Just For Phones: You’re in luck if you own an Apple Watch. The Remote for Tesla app works on this device too!

Scan My Tesla

Scan My Tesla app: Real-time monitoring and analysis of Tesla’s systems and sensors

This third-party app offers Tesla owners the ability to monitor and analyze their vehicle’s systems and sensors in real-time, providing insight into performance metrics and potential issues.

You will love Scan My Tesla as a Tesla owner. This app lets you keep an eye on your car’s systems and sensors. You can watch what is going on in real time. It also checks out your car and gives it a deep look-over:

  1. Scan My Tesla gives you live data. It shows you how your Tesla is doing right now.
  2. You can use this app to see all the information about your car’s battery.
  3. It helps to check the health and status of your battery.
  4. You can see if there are any problems with your Tesla.
  5. It makes sure that everything works as it should.
A Tesla Model 3 driving on a scenic road with charging stations.

Stats: For Tesla Model S/X/3

Stats app: Comprehensive vehicle data and statistics

This app provides an in-depth look at comprehensive vehicle data and statistics, providing Tesla Model S/X/3 owners with crucial insights and useful information. Dive deeper to understand the intricacies of your vehicle’s performance and efficiency like never before.

Tesla owners can use third-party apps for a great set of features. One such app is “Stats: For Tesla Model S/X/3/Y 4+”. This app gives you much more than the official Tesla app.

  1. You can get full data on your car. This includes all stats and facts about your ride.
  2. The app gives you an analysis of how well you drive.
  3. You can send addresses from your phone to your Tesla with this app.
  4. The Stats app allows you to export all numbers and data linked to your car.


TezLab app: Tracking energy usage and cost, gamified driving experience

TezLab is a top-tier app choice for Tesla owners, providing features that enable tracking of energy usage and cost. Aside from these functionalities, it also offers a unique gamified driving experience to make your ride more enjoyable.

TezLab is one of the best apps for Tesla owners. It has many cool features:

  1. TezLab tracks how much energy your Tesla uses.
  2. You can see how much each trip costs in electricity.
  3. This app makes driving fun with games.
  4. The games help you drive better and use less power.
  5. TezLab is a great way to save money and have fun while driving your Tesla.


TeslaCam app: Dashcam and Sentry mode viewer, backup feature for captured footage

Available to Tesla owners, the TeslaCam is an essential third-party app that allows users to easily view dashcam and Sentry mode videos, while also offering a convenient feature for backing up captured footage.

This application greatly enhances vehicle security by enabling seamless access to visual documentation of potential threats or incidents.

TeslaCam is a cool app for Tesla owners. It helps you see what your car sees. You can view clips from both Dashcam and Sentry mode. If someone bumps your car or tries to break in, TeslaCam records it. Dashcam lets you see what happened on the road during drives.

  1. You can look at video clips right on your phone.
  2. The app backs up all videos so they don’t get lost.


Tesla TM-Spy app: Real-time vehicle diagnostics and tracking, battery health monitoring

Unleash the power of real-time vehicle diagnostics with TM-Spy, perfect for Tesla owners seeking in-depth tracking and detailed insights into battery health. Discover more about how this app can optimize your Tesla experience in our blog post below.

TM-Spy stands out as an essential app for Tesla owners. This handy tool offers:

  • Real – time vehicle diagnostics and tracking. You can see what’s happening with your Tesla at any moment.
  • Battery health monitoring. Keep tabs on your Tesla’s battery health over time.
  • Real – world range tracking. Learn how your driving habits and charging patterns affect the range of your Tesla.
  • Advice on best charging practices to keep your battery in top shape.

Tesla Waze App

Tesla Waze app: Real-time traffic updates + Navigation

The Tesla Waze app is designed to provide real-time traffic updates and GPS navigation for Tesla drivers, ensuring a smooth and efficient driving experience. The app utilizes crowd-sourced data from other users to provide the most accurate and up-to-date traffic information.

Tesla Waze app main features:

  • Real-time traffic alerts – Provides real-time notifications about traffic jams, accidents, police cars, and other hazards that may impact your drive
  • Charging station finder – Helps locate nearby Supercharger stations and provides availability information to plan charging stops
  • Route optimization – Suggests the most efficient driving routes to your destination, factoring in real-time traffic information
  • Autopilot compatibility – Allows easy address entry for destination setting while using Tesla’s Autopilot automated driving feature
  • Community feature – Crowdsources traffic, hazard, and charging data from community of Tesla drivers to provide improved alerts and recommendations

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Tesla Mirror App

Tesla Mirror app: Access Your Tesla From Anywhere With Live Data and Remote Controls

The Tesla Mirror app allows Tesla owners to access a wide range of useful features and information straight from their smartphones. Tesla Mirror establishes a connection between your Tesla account and mobile device to serve as a smart assistant for your electric vehicle needs.

Through the app, you can check real-time data on your car’s location, battery charge, interior temperature, and door lock status. You also have remote access controls for locking/unlocking doors, flashing lights, and starting climate control anywhere you have cell service.

Tesla Mirror app main features:

  • Remote access and controls – Lock/unlock doors, flash lights, start climate control using your smartphone from anywhere
  • Real-time data tracking – Monitor current charge level, range, location, temperature, door locks, and other live stats
  • Charging management – Set schedules, customize charge levels, monitor charging progress
  • Custom notifications – Create trip or charging reminders, firmware update alerts, alarm triggers
  • Driving logs – Track trips with start/end location, duration, efficiency stats for every drive

Tesla Myq App

Tesla Myq app: Seamless Home Automation for Tesla Vehicles with Garage Control and Climate Integration

The Tesla MyQ app is designed to seamlessly connect your Tesla electric vehicle with your home automation system.

Developed to work specifically with MyQ-enabled garage door openers and smart home platforms, the Tesla MyQ app lets you open or close your garage door, turn lights on or off, adjust climate controls, and check security camera feeds straight from your vehicle’s touchscreen.

Upon arriving home, the app can automatically open your garage door as you pull into the driveway. It can also do the opposite when you’re ready to leave. This allows you to keep your garage opener in the car while still having full smart home control.

  • Garage Door Control – Open/close garage door from your vehicle’s touchscreen, and enable automatic open as you arrive in driveway
  • Home Climate Integration – Check and adjust home thermostat, air conditioning, heating from your Tesla’s screen
  • Lighting Controls – Turn lights on/off in your home right from your Tesla app
  • Home Security Access – View live camera feeds and control alarm system.
  • Seamless MyQ Connection – Works with existing MyQ-enabled garage door openers and home automation platforms

Tesla Audible App

Tesla Audible app: Listen to Audiobooks While Driving

While Tesla vehicles do not have a built-in Audible integration or dedicated audiobook app, you can still conveniently listen to Audible while driving. By pairing your smartphone to your Tesla via Bluetooth, you can access audio from a variety of apps, including Audible.

Download the Audible app to your iOS or Android device to browse your full library of audiobooks and enjoy hands-free listening on the road. Your books will seamlessly play directly through your Tesla’s premium audio system while still allowing you to easily control playback right from the touchscreen.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – Pair your smartphone with your Tesla via Bluetooth to enable playing audio from compatible apps
  • Audible App – Download the Audible app to your phone to access your full audiobook library and playlists
  • On-Screen Controls – Use Tesla’s touchscreen interface to easily pause, play, skip chapters in the Audible app
  • Charging Playback – Books will continue playing even when parked and charging thanks to always-on Bluetooth
  • Convenient Listening – Enjoy hands-free audiobooks during long drives without having to stream from a separate device

Tesla Amptech App

Tesla Amptech app: Intelligent Intrusion Alerts and Enhanced Analytics for Tesla Vehicles

AmpTech is a sophisticated Tesla mobile app that enhances security, convenience, and performance tracking for Tesla electric vehicle owners. Utilizing intelligent algorithms and integrations, AmpTech provides robust enhancements over Tesla’s standard mobile app.

  • Intrusion Detection – Advanced monitoring system alerts you and can activate deterrent alarms if break-in is detected
  • Remote Status Checks – Get notifications if doors or trunk are left open after parking and can close them automatically
  • Driving Analytics – Track journeys, driving habits, range and charging data to optimize efficiency
  • Intuitive Interface – Quick easy access to key features like security, climate controls, charging management
  • Premium Features – Unlock enhanced capabilities not included in Tesla’s standard mobile app


Using apps can make owning a Tesla better. Each app has special things it can do. Some apps are good for trip plans or charge stations. Others help you control the car from your phone.

Your choice depends on what you need most for your Tesla drive experience.

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