A Better Routeplanner App for Tesla (Review and Guide)

Deciding the best way to charge your Tesla on long trips can sometimes feel like a puzzle.

A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) is an app that’s changing the game for Tesla EV owners. It promises to take the guesswork out of trip planning by considering all crucial aspects of your journey.

Keep reading to see how ABRP can make your next drive smoother and why it’s worth checking out.

Key Takeaways

  • A Better Routeplanner (ABRP) helps Tesla drivers plan trips by showing the best places to charge and the fastest routes.
  • The app connects with your Tesla’s live data, so it can change your plan as you drive to keep your trip smooth.
  • ABRP learns from other Tesla drivers’ information to make better predictions about trips for your electric car.

Key Features of ABRP That Enhance Tesla Driving Experience

A Tesla Model S driving through a scenic mountain road with diverse passengers.

A Better Routeplanner tailors your drive by intuitively adapting to Tesla’s unique capabilities, transforming every trip into a seamless journey. Its forward-thinking design ensures that each venture is optimized for time and energy, offering Tesla drivers an elevated level of route management.

Real-time route optimization for maximum efficiency

Your Tesla can go places smarter and quicker with A Better Routeplanner. The app figures out the best way for you to drive in real time. It checks where all the superchargers and charging stations are, looks at road traffic, and plans a route that gets you there fast.

You won’t waste time or battery because it finds the top spots to charge along your way.

A Better Routeplanner also makes sure you know how much charge you need to reach each stop. This keeps your trip smooth and stress-free. Now let’s talk about how this cool tool connects with your Tesla for even better planning!

Integration with Tesla’s live data for accurate planning

A Better Routeplanner taps into Tesla’s own numbers to make sure you’re getting the best trip plans. It uses a tool called an OBD adapter that links with your car. This lets ABRP see your battery’s state of charge and other key info in real time.

So, as you drive, the app can change your route to keep you going efficiently, tell you when and where to charge up, and even pick out which EV chargers will get you back on the road fastest.

The app looks at what many Tesla drivers share about their trips. With this data, it knows how weather or hills might affect your drive. It helps by suggesting stops at charging points like supercharger stations along your way.

You don’t have to guess if a charger is too far off course or if it fits with your car’s plug type; ABRP takes care of these details for you.

With everything set right in ABRP, hitting the road in a Tesla is smooth sailing. Now let’s talk about how automating tasks using this smart tool adds ease to driving a Tesla!

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Automating Your Tesla Experience with A Better Routeplanner

A Tesla car drives through a scenic highway with charging stations in the background.

Making your rides in a Tesla smooth and quick is what A Better Routeplanner aims for. The app takes care of the tough stuff for you. It looks at how much charge you need and finds charging stations ahead of time.

With this tool, your car connects to the app, which means it can plan your trip using live data from your Tesla. You’ll know just where to charge up and won’t have to worry about running low on battery.

This smart planner also learns as you drive, getting better at predicting how far you can go before needing more juice. It uses a big pile of driving info from other electric cars to make sure your trips are as efficient as they can be.

Now, with everything set up right in the palm of your hand, let’s look at how using ABRP changes long drives in a Tesla forever.

Conclusion: The Impact of ABRP on Tesla EV Journey Planning

The Better Routeplanner app changes how Tesla owners travel. Its smart planning makes every trip easier and more fun. With ABRP, drivers save time and worry less about charging. Every journey becomes smoother as the app guides you to your destination.

This tool is a game-changer for anyone driving a Tesla electric vehicle.


1. What is A Better Routeplanner (ABRP)?

A Better Routeplanner, or ABRP, is an app that helps Tesla drivers plan the best routes including stops at EV charging stations like Tesla Supercharger stations.

2. How does ABRP work with Tesla Supercharger network?

ABRP uses the location of Tesla’s Supercharger network to map out where you can charge your car on a trip, so you always reach your destination efficiently.

3. Can I use A Better Routeplanner on my phone or tablet?

Yes! You can download ABRP from the Google Play Store or App Store and use it on Android devices, iPhones, iPads, and even iPod touch.

4. Is there a way to ask for directions using my voice with ABRP?

If you have Google Assistant, you can speak to get route planning help from ABRP while driving your Model S or any other Tesla model.

5. Does A Better Routeplanner only show charging options for Teslas?

Nope! While focused on Tesla’s own network and connectors like NACS connectors used by Rivian too, it also shows other EV charging networks thanks to data from PlugShare.

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