Jonathan Rice is a writer with a degree in Applied Physics (UCL, 1998) who suffers from an obsession with green technologies and sustainable mobility.


My dad is a civil engineer with a passion for all things motor and aviation. Since I was a small boy he was always taking me to big shows such as the British Motor Show or Farnborough Airshow.

I loved seeing the huge variety of vehicles and planes at first hand, and the incredible noises they made. My dad would explain to me how they worked, always knowing the answer to my incessant questions.

He would explain the scientific principles of forces and energies that had been applied through engineering and technology to make these marvelous machines move and fly.

I suppose that’s where my fascination for science, technology, and mobility originates from, a fascination which has been with me my whole life, and what made me choose applied physics for my degree.

In the recent years huge changes have taken place that seemed impossible not long ago, and we’re currently witnessing electric cars exploding into the commercial marketplace, and how new technologies are being proven and developed at lightning speed.

I made this website to help answer people’s questions about new technologies, green vehicles (cars, e-scooters, e-bikes etc.), and as the title suggests, really anything to do with zero emission vehicles.