Best App for Tesla Charging Stations (5 Apps Reviewed)

Are you a Tesla owner tired of frantically searching for the next charging station on your journey? With more than 25,000 Tesla Superchargers worldwide, finding one should be a breeze.

This article is your ultimate guide to discovering how a simple app can help solve this problem and turn your EV charging experience into smooth sailing. Keep reading; it’s time to supercharge your knowledge!

Key Takeaways

  • PlugShare is a top app for Tesla charging. It shows you places to charge your car and gives live info on each station.
  • Other good apps are ChargePoint, Electrify America, EVgo, and Volta. They give useful features that make owning an electric car fun.
  • Good EV charging apps show all types of stations and give real – time data. They have user reviews and work with navigation systems too.
  • The “Comprehensive Guide to the Best App for Tesla Charging Stations” shares more helpful tips on finding great spots to juice up your Tesla.

What is an EV Charging App and Why Do I Need One?

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An EV Charging App is a tool for your phone. It helps you find places to charge your electric car. You can get facts about how fast the station charges and how much it costs. The app shows you real-time info on stations close by.

Having an EV charging app is like having a map for your Tesla’s power needs. Just pop in where you want to go, and the app will tell you where the stops are along the way. Plus, these apps let you pay right from your phone! So skip fussing with cards or cash at each stop.

Some apps, like PlugShare, even let you save spots that you use often. This makes future trips easy! And if longer drives are what worries you, don’t fret! Apps will plan out trips based on where charging stations are found.

With so many tools packed into one tiny app, finding places to charge up isn’t such a hunt anymore.

Top EV Charging Apps in the Market

In the EV charging app market, there are several leading contenders – ChargePoint, Electrify America, EVgo, PlugShare, and Volta – all offering unique features for handling your electric vehicle charging needs.


ChargePoint is a big name in the market of top EV charging apps. It gives great charging solutions for all types of electric vehicles, including Tesla. You can find lots of ChargePoint stations near you with this app.

The app also shows real-time data about each station. So you know if a spot is free before driving there. The reviews and ratings from other users help to pick the best station, too.

For an easy ride, ChargePoint also works with navigation systems.

Electrify America

Electrify America is great for all electric cars, not just Teslas. It offers charging services to bring you more places in your electric vehicle. With this app, you find Level 2 and 3 DC Fast Charging stations on the go.

Electrify America is also working to make its stations better by adding NACS chargers and Tesla Superchargers soon! As a bonus, it has the biggest public fast charging network in the US.

You can also get home and commercial solutions from them. This makes owning an electric car easy and fun!

Take a look at the full range of third party Tesla apps available on the market


EVgo is a top app for EV charging. It helps Tesla owners find places to charge their cars. Not just in big cities, but all over the country. This app shows real-time updates of each station’s status.

You can see if a spot is open before you go there!


PlugShare is a top pick for Tesla owners. It helps you find EV charging stations anywhere, even on road trips. It includes Tesla Superchargers too! PlugShare has the most significant community of drivers worldwide.

They give helpful reviews about different stations. The app gives you real-time info about station availability. You can also use it to pay for charging. Love free stuff? Use its filter to find free chargers fast and easy!


Volta ranks high among top EV charging apps. J.D. Power chose it as one of the best three electric vehicle charger options in a recent study. Volta stands out for building both an energy and media network to fuel electric cars.

Using the Volta app, Tesla owners can easily find where free Volta chargers are ready for use. The app shows available spots at many store sites across the country. This rich network makes sure Tesla drivers never run low on power during trips big or small.

What Makes a Good EV Charging App?

A top-notch EV charging app should provide comprehensive coverage of all types of charging stations, deliver real-time data on station availability, include user reviews and ratings for reference, and easily integrate with navigation systems to guide you effortlessly to the nearest available charging point.

Coverage of all types of charging stations

PlugShare is a top pick. This app knows about all kinds of charging stations. You can look for special ones too. ChargePoint has level 2 spots for Tesla cars. It helps you find and pay to charge your car.

Most places let anyone use their charging units. Many don’t even ask you to pay! PlugShare and ChargePoint make it easy to keep your Tesla full of juice wherever you go!

Real-time information

PlugShare is an app with real-time info. It tells you if charging stations are free or busy. The data is live and keeps changing as cars come and go. You can find level 2 or fast-charging points for your Tesla.

Use the app to see which ones are open right now!

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User reviews and ratings

User reviews and ratings show how good an app is. Good apps get a lot of stars and nice words from users. PlugShare gets a lot of this! Users say the app helps them find charging spots fast.

They also like that it tells them if a spot works well or not.

Not all high-rated apps are perfect, though. Some might have things you don’t like. It’s important to read what other users say about an app before you use it. This way, you won’t run out of battery because the app sent you to a bad charging station! So always check user reviews and ratings when choosing your EV charging app.

Integration with navigation systems

Good EV charging apps work with navigation systems. This helps you find your way to the chosen charging station. Tesla has made its app better by adding destination charger options.

You have more ways and places to charge your car now! The apps use something called API to check on your car’s battery. They can see how much charge is left and where you are. With this data, they map out the best route for you which includes charging stations along the way.

This makes sure you never run out of power on a trip! So, it’s clear that an app that works with navigation systems gives Tesla owners many benefits.

Detailed Review: The Best App for Tesla Charging Stations – PlugShare

PlugShare stands out as the top app for Tesla charging stations due to its extensive coverage, user-friendly interface, and positive customer reviews.

Features and benefits

PlugShare is more than a charger locator app. You get to plan your EV trips with it too. It finds you the best electric vehicle charging stations worldwide, not just Tesla Superchargers.

PlugShare has over 65,000 five-star reviews from its users who share tips and photos of charging stations. They also rate them for others to see. This large global community makes it cool to use PlugShare!

Ease of use

PlugShare is a top pick because it’s easy to use. The app has a user-friendly interface that makes finding charging stations simple. You just open the app and see a map full of nearby charging points.

It will even show you global coverage if you travel far from home.

There are many helpful features in PlugShare too. You can view real-time availability for each station on the map, which saves you time on your trip. With this app, you also get to see reviews, ratings, tips and photos from other users for every station displayed making it easier when choosing where to charge up next!

Customer reviews

PlugShare gets top marks from users. Here is what they love about it:

  1. Drivers find the app very easy to use.
  2. They say that PlugShare gives correct charging data all the time.
  3. They praise the app’s user – friendly look and feel.
  4. The helpful advice on how to charge catches a lot of positive comments.
  5. The reviews about different charging stations are useful for drivers.
  6. Many users like how they can add their own station ratings and tips.
  7. A lot trust it as a reliable tool to find EV charging spots.

Conclusion: The Importance of Having an EV Charging App for Tesla Owners

Having a top-rated EV charging app is key for Tesla owners. It helps you find stations on the go. With it, your road trips are worry-free. So, get an app today and enjoy the drive!

Additional Resource: Comprehensive Guide to the Best App for Tesla Charging Stations

You can get more help from the “Comprehensive Guide to the Best App for Tesla Charging Stations”. This guide has all you need. It tells you about different apps like Plugshare. It shows how to use them on road trips or at home.

The guide is easy to follow. It gives you tips on how to find nearby Superchargers too.

The guide also talks about other good stuff. For instance, it tells you about charging rates and ways of paying at stations. Plus, it teaches how planning your route before leaving helps a lot! So make sure to check this helpful guide out!

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