Best Tesla Trip Planner App (Ultimate Guide)

If you own a Tesla, planning your trips to accommodate charging stops can be quite a challenge. Did you know there are dedicated apps designed just for this purpose?

This article is your ultimate guide to not only finding but understanding the best Tesla trip planner apps available today.

From in-depth app reviews to tips on how to use them effectively – continue reading and embark on your next electric journey with ease!

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla Trip Planner Apps help plan trips in a Tesla. The apps tell you where to find charging stops.
  • Five top apps are A Better Route Planner, PlugShare, EV Trip Optimizer, Google Maps and the native Tesla App.
  • When picking an app look for good supercharger coverage, easy use, many features like route changes and trip help. Also check reviews and cost.
  • Keep your app up-to-date to get all the latest features. This helps with smooth trips and quick charger finds.

What is a Tesla Trip Planner App?

A Tesla Model Y surrounded by charging stations on a scenic road.

A Tesla Trip Planner App is a smart tool. You use it to plan trips in your Tesla car. It helps you make an itinerary for your travel. The app shows you charging stations on your way, without trouble.

With this app, you find the best path based on Tesla’s own navigation system.

The Tesla Trip Planner App also lets users fix service times if any issues come up during the trip. This makes sure that you have a smooth and easy journey with your Tesla vehicle, even if it’s an older model or the latest Model Y!

In-depth Review: The Best Tesla Trip Planner App

The top Tesla trip planner app is ABRP (A Better Route Planner). This app maps out your drive and knows where all the charging stations are. It shows you the best place to stop for a charge on your trip.

With this app, you can plan out a road trip with many stops. You will always know how much power you have left in your car. The newest update of ABRP gives even more clear info about where to go next and how long it takes to get there.

The app also lets users find other places to charge their cars that may be on their route. Users say they like this feature because it keeps them on track while driving and helps avoid any chance of running low on battery power.

Another great option is the Tesla App itself which now has built-in features for planning trips. This feature includes real-time updates about charger availability at Supercharger spots along the way – thanks to the recent update “Tesla 4.20”.

Plus, its easy-to-use design makes it simple for anyone looking for charging spots during travel.

Don’t forget “Superchargers by Ndili” – another good choice if you own a Tesla! Every detail counts when planning long trips in an electric car, as every minute and mile matters due to limited range compared to gas vehicles.

Top 5 Best Tesla Trip Planner Apps in 2023

We have handpicked the top five Tesla trip planner apps for 2023 that stand out due to their excellent features and user-friendly interfaces: A Better Route Planner, PlugShare, EV Trip Optimizer, Google Maps, and of course the native Tesla App.

Stick around as we delve deeper into these innovative platforms.

A Better Route Planner (ABRP)

A Better Route Planner or ABRP stands out among other apps. It is the most used app for planning electric vehicle routes. In 2023, many Tesla owners picked it as one of the top five apps for trip planning.

It offers quick route guides and tells you where to stop for a charge. The cool bit? You can pick your car model in the settings! Type in where you want to go, and get all details of your journey planned right there on the screen!

Need fast charging stations? The app shows them too! It also keeps up with traffic changes so that nothing slows down your eco-friendly ride.

Tesla App

The Tesla App ranks second in the top 5 trip planner apps for 2023. It helps to plot routes and plan Supercharger stops. This app is a great tool to map out journeys and get the best out of your electric vehicle’s range.

The Tesla App gives info about charger spots too. For a good electric car ride, this app offers many features. Many Tesla owners wanted a feature like this on their mobile app. Now they have it!

red tesla in front of tesla superchargers at sunset


PlugShare is a top pick for Tesla trip planner apps in 2023. This app helps you find places to charge your electric car. It shows photos, rates, and reviews of charging stops. You can look up both local chargers and ones for road trips.

PlugShare gives details about how far each station is too. Plus, it tells you if they’re open or full right now! With this app, planning over 100,000,000 miles of EV trips has been easy.

The best part? It includes Tesla Superchargers as well! For any Tesla owner wanting the best tools at their fingertips, PlugShare is a must-have.

EV Trip Optimizer

EV Trip Optimizer is a top choice for Tesla owners. You can get it on the App Store. It is made just for people who own a Tesla. If you need to plan a trip with many stops, this app will help.

It lets you see where to charge your car too.

This app fits well on your phone screen and works great with all Tesla cars. Many Tesla owners like using EV Trip Optimizer. It helps them plan their road trips better and use their car’s range in the best way possible.

Google Maps

Google Maps is not just for regular cars. It’s great for Tesla cars too! Google Maps has a cool feature for electric vehicles. When you use this feature, it can show you where to find charging stations on your trip.

This makes planning trips in your Tesla much easier and more fun. Plus, many people think Google Maps is one of the top ten best apps for electric vehicle trip planning! So why not give it a try next time you hit the road in your Tesla?.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Tesla Trip Planner App

When looking for the perfect Tesla trip planner app, consider crucial factors such as wide supercharger coverage, an intuitive interface, feature-rich options like route customization and optimization, user reviews and ratings, and cost.

Keep reading to explore these factors in detail.

Supercharger network coverage

Supercharger network coverage is key for any Tesla Trip Planner app. This feature shows you where to find fast charging spots called Superchargers. These stations refill your electric car’s battery quick and easy.

The more Superchargers there are on the map, the better. It gives your car longer range for long trips or daily use. Some apps even show charging times and costs at each station. So, when picking an app, look for one with good supercharger network coverage.

User-friendly interface

The Tesla Trip Planner App has a user-friendly interface. It makes using the app easy. You can put in your trip’s end point without trouble. The clear and straightforward design helps you find what you need fast.

This app shows your whole trip on one screen, including where to charge up. Its intuitive layout gives a smooth ride feel for all Tesla owners. Your trips become easier with this convenient interface that sets a high mark for all other apps.

Available features (e.g. route customization, trip optimization)

Great Tesla trip planner apps offer many helpful features. They let you shape your route to fit your needs. You can change the start battery percent or use your car’s current settings. The apps make it easy to see travel times for all routes. They keep an eye on traffic, too. These tools also figure out where and when you need to charge your Tesla. They look at how much power is left in the battery and tell you what to do next.

  1. Route shaping: You can set where you want to go by choice, not chance.
  2. Battery tracking: The app keeps tabs on how much power is in your car.
  3. Travel time checks: Compare how long each route will take before picking one.
  4. Traffic views: Stay one step ahead by knowing the road conditions.
  5. Charging plans: Know when and where to charge up so you never run low on power.
  6. Go Anywhere tool: Plan trips for later with this tool, choosing both start and end spots.

Reviews and ratings

Look at reviews and ratings before you pick a Tesla Trip Planner app. People who have used the apps give these scores. They can tell you if an app works well or not. High ratings show that an app is good.

Reading reviews can also help you to know if there are any problems with the app. So, don’t forget to check what others say about the apps on your list!


Money matters too. Some apps you need to buy, others are free. Always check the cost before you download any app. Try not to spend a lot if your needs are simple. Free apps could be just as good for you.

Tips for Using a Tesla Trip Planner App Effectively

To make the most out of your Tesla trip planner app, it’s essential to take full advantage of charging stops and breaks. Planning for alternate routes with different charging options can be a game-changer in case of unexpected circumstances.

Keeping yourself updated on station availability and rates will save time and avoid surprises during your journey. Regular updates to the app are also crucial for an enhanced user experience, so don’t forget to keep yours current.

Read on as we delve into more helpful tips to navigate electric vehicle trips smoothly using these handy apps.

Utilize charging stops and breaks

Use your Tesla Trip Planner App to find charging stops. These breaks help keep your car’s battery full. The app shows you where each charging station is on your route. It tells you the best times to stop and charge up.

This helps make sure you don’t run out of power during your trip. Your driving habits will also influence when to stop for a charge. Following these tips can make your drive smooth and stress-free.

Plan for alternate routes and charging options

A smart Tesla owner always plans for alternate routes and charging options. It’s all part of being ready for any on-road situation. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Use the Tesla Trip Planner App: This app finds Superchargers along your path. It tells you when to stop and charge.
  2. Try EV Trip Optimizer: This tool predicts your car’s battery status at each point in your trip.
  3. Check out A Better Route Planner (ABRP): This app shows you alternative routes to avoid traffic or closed roads.
  4. Keep Google Maps handy: If there is a sudden road block or heavy traffic, this map can guide you along a different route.
  5. Don’t forget PlugShare: This app can help find nearby charging spots if Superchargers are busy or out of reach.
  6. Update the app often: An up-to-date app gives correct info about road works, traffic, and charging points.

Stay updated on station availability and rates

Check your app often for updates on charging stations. The Tesla Trip Planner App will show you which ones are open. It can also assist in finding the closest station to you. But it doesn’t stop there! This handy tool even gives traffic and weather reports to help plan your trip better.

Your driving experience gets smoother with this helpful info right at your fingertips. Yet, remember the app won’t tell you how much it costs to charge at each station. So, make sure to have a backup plan for that part of your trip.

Update the app regularly

Keep your app up to date. New versions often have better functions. They fix old problems too. Tesla always works to make trip planning better. The latest update gives you more options.

You can now plan trips within the app and send them straight to your car.

Don’t miss these great new tools by using an old version of the app! Every time you see an update, get it at once for a smoother ride. Use all the latest features for your trips and find chargers fast with uptodate data from each update.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Choose the Tesla Trip Planner App that fits your needs. Look at Supercharger network coverage, and how easy the app is to use. Remember, the best apps have many features like route changes and trip help.

Check reviews and costs before you decide. Once you pick an app, keep it up-to-date to travel well and worry-free!

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