Dashboard For Tesla App (Full Review And Guide)

For Tesla owners, staying connected and in control of their vehicle is crucial. The Dashboard for Tesla app emerges as a compelling alternative to the official Tesla Motors app, for those with Android phones.

This post will delve into the array of advanced features of this app, offering a detailed guide on how it can improve your Tesla experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Dashboard for Tesla lets you watch and control your car with your phone.
  • The app has cool features like setting when your car charges and getting messages about battery life.
  • You can make the app look how you want with widgets and use voice commands to do things without touching your phone.
  • People who use the app say good things about it, and if they find problems, updates come out to fix them quickly.
  • The Dashboard for Tesla works on Android devices and pairs with smartwatches for easy use.

Key Features and Utilities of Dashboard for Tesla

A person using the Tesla Dashboard app while sitting inside a Tesla car in a busy atmosphere.

The Dashboard for Tesla app redefines the way Tesla owners interact with their vehicles, offering an array of innovative features that allow drivers to monitor and control their cars like never before.

Its seamless integration of real-time data and customizable controls puts convenience and enhanced functionality right at your fingertips.

Real-Time Vehicle Monitoring

Check on your Tesla anytime, anywhere with real-time vehicle monitoring. This feature lets you see how much energy your car is using and keeps an eye on its overall condition. You can spot if something needs fixing right away.

It’s like having a window into your car’s world, making sure everything runs smoothly.

With charge stats, learn about your charging habits and how they affect your wallet. This smart tool helps you understand the best times to charge up and save money. Plus, keeping track of solar system performance has never been easier – monitor it as it happens and review past data too.

It’s all about staying informed and in control of your Tesla experience!

Remote Vehicle Control

You can control your Tesla from anywhere using the Dashboard for Tesla app. Imagine starting your car, adjusting the cabin temperature to stay cool or warm before you get in, and even opening the trunk without touching a key.

This app lets you do all these things right from your phone. It’s like having a remote control for your car that works through the internet.

This handy feature means no more running outside on cold mornings to start your car. Just tap a button on your smartphone and let the vehicle heat up while you finish getting ready for work.

You can also set speed limits to make sure young drivers stay safe on the road.

Next up is how this app keeps you charged and ready to go with advanced charging options.

Advanced Charging Options and Notifications

Managing your Tesla’s power is smart and easy with Dashboard for Tesla. The app gives you control over how and when your car charges. You get to set the charging limits, schedule charging times, and even find out how much money you’re saving with Charge Stats.

This helps you make the most of off-peak electricity rates and keeps your battery in top shape.

The app also sends notifications to keep you updated on your charging status. It lets you know when your battery is fully charged or if there’s a problem during charging. That means no more guessing if your car will be ready for the next trip.

Stay informed and always have the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what’s happening with your Tesla’s battery life.

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Customizable Widgets and Smart Functions

After you set up your charging preferences, you can dive into the fun part of personalizing your experience. The Dashboard for Tesla app lets you craft a unique look and feel with customizable widgets.

You get real-time updates on things like weather and news right next to key information about your car. With just a glance, stay informed on stock prices or get quick access to your favorite tunes.

Smart functions take convenience further by letting you automate tasks with Siri or add shortcuts on your iPhone Home screen. Say goodbye to digging through menus each time; now controlling your Tesla is as easy as tapping an icon or asking out loud.

These tools are designed not only for ease but also to keep you connected without taking eyes off the road – truly making every drive smoother and smarter.

User Experience and Community Feedback

A Tesla Model 3 parked in a scenic environment with the Dashboard for Tesla app displayed on a smartphone screen.

People who use the Dashboard for Tesla app have a lot to say about it. They love being able to watch their car in real time and control it from far away. Many praise the app for making charging easier and smarter, thanks to advanced options and alerts they get on their phones or even smartwatches with Android Wear or Samsung Gear support.

Users are happy that they can change settings in the app to fit what they like, with helpful widgets and functions.

The community also helps make the app better. Designers listen to what people say and work hard to create an even better dashboard for Tesla owners. They pay close attention to how folks use the app in different situations so they can offer stuff that really matters for driving a Model S or a Tesla Model 3.

Sometimes people find things that could be better, like wanting clearer icons or worrying about privacy policy concerns. But often, updates come out fast with bug fixes and new features based on this feedback, which keeps users coming back.

Comparing Dashboard for Tesla with Other Tesla Apps

Experience an elevated level of command over your Tesla with the Dashboard for Tesla app, a front-runner that outshines others in functionality and customization.

Official Tesla App

The Official Tesla App is a powerful tool that lets you do amazing things with your car. You can check how much energy you’re using and see the rates for buying and selling electricity, all happening in real time.

It’s very helpful to watch your charging stats too. This shows you how charging your vehicle affects how much money you spend or save.

With this app, if you’re having trouble with solar panels or Solar Roof, it’s easy to find answers. You can even look at important papers about owning a Tesla and get questions answered quickly.

The app makes sure everything stays safe by needing a password, so nobody else can mess with your car settings or private info. Now let’s take a look at third-party apps like Amptech that work with Teslas too.

Third-Party Tesla Apps (Amptech and Others)

Moving beyond the official Tesla app, owners have exciting options with apps like Amptech and others. These third-party apps are opening up new ways for Tesla drivers to interact with their cars.

With Tesla moving towards supporting such apps, users gain more control and features. Apps designed by companies like Amptech can track mileage, monitor cabin temperature for protection against extreme heat or cold, and even support Android Wear devices.

Users who love customizing their experience will find third-party apps a great addition to their toolkit. These apps allow permission settings so that they can safely use your car’s data to give real-time updates or issue remote commands through an encrypted connection.

This means you could be getting alerts on charging station availability or having more advanced telemetry at your fingertips—all while ensuring your account information stays secure.

Plus, the integration of these innovative solutions might just give Tesla an edge over competitors in providing customer value.

Best Apps for Tesla Charging Stations

Finding the best apps for Tesla charging stations is key to a smooth electric vehicle experience. These apps help Tesla drivers locate and use charging stations easily.

  • PlugShare: This is often the top pick among EV drivers. PlugShare shows live info on charging station locations and whether they’re available or in use. You can also see ratings and reviews from other users.
  • The official Tesla app: It not only helps with finding nearby Superchargers but also lets you check your car’s charge status. The app gives details about your charge history too.
  • ChargePoint: With this app, you gain access to a large network of chargers. It lets you filter by connector type and see real-time availability just like PlugShare.
  • A Better Route Planner (ABRP): This tool plans your trip around where to charge. It accounts for your car’s range and suggests when and where to stop for power.
  • Google Maps: Not just for directions, Google Maps now includes EV charging stations in its search results. It’s handy because many already use it for navigation.

Installation and Compatibility Guide

After exploring the best apps for Tesla charging stations, let’s walk through setting up the Dashboard for Tesla app on your device. This guide will help you get started and make sure the app works with your car.

  1. Check Compatibility: Make sure your Android device has the latest version of its operating system to ensure it works well with the Dashboard for Tesla app.
  2. Visit Google Play Store: Search for “Dashboard for Tesla” in the Google Play store and tap “Install” to add it to your Android device.
  3. Grant Permissions: The app may ask you to allow certain permissions like location, so it can show where your car is parked or offer directions.
  4. Log In Securely: Use your official Tesla account email and password to log into the app safely. Your information should always be private.
  5. Pair With Your Car: Follow the in-app instructions to connect Dashboard for Tesla with your car using its unique identification code.
  6. Customize Settings: Set up features like cabin temperature protection or speed restrictions according to what you need and prefer.
  7. Set Up Android Wear Support: If you have a smartwatch, link it with the app for easy access right from your wrist.
  8. Enable Notifications: Turn on notifications so you know when your car is charged or if there are any important updates about its status.
  9. Test Features: Try out different functions such as turning on the turn signal or starting wireless charging to make sure everything is running smoothly.
  10. Explore Widgets: Add widgets to your phone’s home screen so you can quickly glance at information like battery levels without opening the app.

Developer Insights and Future Updates

Tesla is opening its doors to fresh ideas by letting developers create new apps for their cars. With these developer tools called APIs, people can build cool add-ons that make the Tesla app even better.

Imagine having more choices and smarter options when using your car.

Looking ahead, you might see some amazing upgrades coming to your Tesla app. More smart features could help protect your car from threats like viruses and harmful software. Plus, expect easier ways to find charging stations while on the go.

Your Tesla will keep getting smarter as these updates roll out, making every drive a little more awesome.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Feel the power of your Tesla with the Dashboard for Tesla app. Control and monitor your car easily from your phone. Enjoy smart features like advanced charging and real-time stats.

Trust in an app that gives you more ways to connect with your Tesla ride. Give it a try, see how it changes the way you drive!


1. What is the Dashboard for Tesla app?

The Dashboard for Tesla app is a tool that Tesla car owners can use on their Android phones. It helps them control and see important information about their cars.

2. Does the Dashboard for Tesla app have a demo mode?

Yes, there’s a demo mode in the app where you can learn how it works without having to connect to a real car.

3. Can I use the Dashboard for Tesla app if I am not familiar with imperial measurement systems?

Yes, you can choose between imperial or metric measurement systems in the settings of the app so it matches what you know.

4. Is there anything special I need to clean my phone screen before using the app?

Just make sure your screen is clean and clear by gently wiping it with a micro-fiber cloth, which is safe for screens.

5. If I download this app, do I need an antivirus program on my Android phone?

It’s always smart to have an antivirus program on your phone to protect against malicious software when downloading any apps, including ones like this one for your Tesla.

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