How to Use TeslaCam for Tesla Model Y and 3 (Complete Guide)

Have you ever felt unsure about how to get the most out of your Tesla’s built-in cameras? The TeslaCam feature is a game-changer for Model Y and Model 3 owners, offering both security and peace of mind.

This blog will guide you step-by-step through setting up and using your TeslaCam effectively, so you can drive with confidence. Get ready to unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s smart features!

Key Takeaways

  • TeslaCam acts as a dashcam and security system for your car, recording while you drive and using Sentry Mode to monitor when parked.
  • Set up the TeslaCam by plugging in a properly formatted USB drive with at least 64GB into the front USB port of your Tesla.
  • To watch or save footage, access the ‘TeslaCam’ folder on the USB drive through your computer; save important clips separately to avoid overwriting.
  • If TeslaCam has issues, check if the USB is correctly formatted or try reformatting it; use alert messages on your car’s screen to help troubleshoot problems.
  • Enhance TeslaCam with accessories like high – endurance microSD cards, ample storage flash drives, and specialized mounts for better functionality.

Understanding TeslaCam: What Is It and Why Use It?

A Tesla parked in a well-lit parking lot at night with the TeslaCam activated.

TeslaCam is your all-electric car’s built-in security guard and witness; it offers peace of mind as you capture events on the road and safeguard your vehicle when parked. Unlock these benefits by discovering what TeslaCam is and its pivotal role in enhancing driving safety and vehicle security.

Dashcam Functionality

A dashcam is like a small camera for your car, and it’s always watching the road while you drive your Tesla Model Y. If something happens, like an accident or a cool event, this handy tool makes sure to catch it on video.

You can save these videos on a USB drive that plugs right into your car. With zero extra costs, you get to record everything with built-in Autopilot cameras.

Next up is learning about Sentry Mode Security so you can keep an eye on your Tesla even when you’re not around.

Sentry Mode Security

Sentry Mode turns your Tesla into a guard dog. When you park and turn on Sentry Mode, the car watches out for trouble using its cameras and sensors. If someone gets too close or messes with the car, it starts recording and can even set off an alarm to scare them away.

Your Tesla stays safe while you’re away thanks to this smart mode. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Sentry Mode is always on the lookout, keeping an eye on things just like a security camera would at home.

It’s easy to use, so you can relax when leaving your car in a parking lot or on the street.

Setting Up TeslaCam for Your Tesla

A Tesla Model Y is parked in a scenic location with the TeslaCam setup process being demonstrated.

Get your Tesla Model Y or Model 3 ready to capture everything on the road with TeslaCam by following a simple setup process. Ensure your journey is backed by reliable recording; setting up this feature is quick and straightforward, adding an extra layer of security to every drive.

Choosing the Right USB Drive

You need a good USB drive to record videos from your Tesla. Make sure it has at least 64GB of space. The Samsung T5 500GB works well for Sentry Mode and TeslaCam. For easy viewing on your car screen or computer, check out Puretesla USB drives, which come ready to use with both USB A and USB C connections.

Plug the drive into the front USB port of your Tesla; it won’t work in the back seat ports. Now, let’s format that drive correctly so you can start using your TeslaCam right away.

Proper Formatting for TeslaCam

Once you have a good USB drive, getting it set up correctly is your next step. TeslaCam needs your USB drive to be formatted just right to work well. Here’s how you make sure your USB is ready for TeslaCam:

  1. Plug the USB drive into your computer.
  2. Open the disk management tool on your computer. For Windows, look for ‘Disk Management,’ and on Mac, open ‘Disk Utility.’
  3. Find your USB drive in the list and choose ‘Format.’
  4. Pick ‘exFAT’ from the format options. This is what TeslaCam uses.
  5. Create a folder named ‘TeslaCam’ on the freshly – formatted USB drive.
  6. Eject the USB safely from your computer when done.

Installation Steps for Model Y and Model 3

Now that your USB drive is formatted right, let’s install TeslaCam in your Model Y or Model 3. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Open the package with your TeslaCam USB drive.
  2. Make sure your USB has at least 64 GB of storage, as this is needed for video recording.
  3. Find the USB port in your Tesla. In the Model 3 and Model Y, it’s usually in the center console.
  4. Plug your USB into this port firmly.
  5. Tap on the Tesla “T” at the top center of the car’s touchscreen to open the “Controls” panel.
  6. Look for ‘Safety & Security’ and select it to find dashcam options.
  7. Turn on Dashcam by tapping ‘Enable Dashcam‘ within the menu.
  8. Flip on Sentry Mode by choosing ‘Enable Sentry Mode‘ for extra safety when you’re away from the car.

How to Access and Use TeslaCam Features

Unlock the full potential of your Tesla with TeslaCam’s cutting-edge features — just a few taps on your touchscreen and you’re ready to go. Step into the driver’s seat, empower your vehicle’s watchful eyes, and ensure every journey is recorded for peace of mind on the road ahead.

Enabling Dashcam Mode

To turn on Dashcam Mode in your Tesla, grab your phone and open the Tesla app. Tap ‘Security,’ then ‘Sentry Mode,’ and choose ‘View live camera.’ This lets you see everything happening around your car right from your phone.

Make sure you have a USB drive with at least 64 GB plugged into the car so it can save videos.

With Dashcam Mode working, feel safe knowing that it uses the built-in cameras to record what’s going on around your Tesla. It works even when you’re not there and the car is off. This means if something happens near your car, Dashcam has got it covered.

To discover more third party Tesla apps read my post about the Best Third Party Tesla Apps.

Using Sentry Mode to Monitor Your Vehicle

Sentry Mode keeps an eye on your Tesla when you’re not around. Tap ‘Controls‘ > ‘Safety & Security‘ > ‘Sentry Mode’ on your vehicle’s touchscreen to turn it on. You can even use a voice command to activate it for quick access.

With Sentry Mode, your car stays alert, recording any movement or bumps while parked. If someone gets too close or messes with your Tesla, the cameras start rolling and capture everything.

Next, let’s look into how you can view and save these important clips with ease.

Viewing and Saving Recorded Footage

After keeping an eye on your vehicle with Sentry Mode, you’ll want to check out the footage. It’s simple to view and save the recordings TeslaCam has made. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a USB drive that has at least 64 GB of storage and plug it into your computer. This is where the videos from TeslaCam are saved.
  • Look for a folder named “TeslaCam” on the drive. Open this folder to find all the recorded videos.
  • Inside the “TeslaCam” folder, locate sub – folders like “RecentClips,” “SavedClips,” and “SentryClips.” Each one holds different types of videos.
  • To watch any recorded video, double – click on it. You can use media players on your computer to see what happened.
  • If you find a clip worth saving, right – click on it and select “Copy” or just drag it onto your computer desktop or another folder.
  • Save important clips in a separate folder so they don’t get overwritten by new recordings from your Tesla.
  • For extra safety, make copies of precious clips to an online storage service or an external hard drive.

Troubleshooting Common TeslaCam Issues

Discover solutions to frequent TeslaCam hiccups, enhancing your peace of mind as a Tesla owner – keep reading for savvy fixes that get you back on the road with confidence.

Recognizing and Resolving TeslaCam Errors

Sometimes your TeslaCam might stop working or show error messages. This can be annoying, but there are ways to fix it. First, make sure the USB drive is the right type for your TeslaCam.

If it’s not, you need a different one that fits well. You can find these at stores or online places like

If errors keep happening, try splitting the USB drive into two parts using a computer. Your car gives you hints about what’s wrong through alerts on the dashboard screen too. Check these alerts and follow what they tell you to do.

It helps solve problems with TeslaCam so it can go back to recording like before!

Enhancing Your Tesla Experience with TeslaCam Accessories

Upgrade your TeslaCam with top-notch accessories to elevate its functionality and durability. Discover essential items that add value, such as high-endurance microSD cards or specialized mounts, ensuring continuous, reliable recording for peace of mind on the road.

Recommended TeslaCam Upgrades and Add-ons

Your Tesla is smart, but with the right upgrades, it can be even smarter. Adding accessories to your TeslaCam can boost its performance and make your driving experience better. Here are some top picks for enhancing your TeslaCam:

  • High Endurance microSD Card: Choose a microSD card designed to last long and handle lots of writing from your TeslaCam’s constant recording. This will ensure your footage is safe.
  • USB Flash Drive with Ample Storage: Go for a flash drive that has lots of space, so you can store more video without worrying about running out of room.
  • Dedicated Sentry Mode Sign: Put up a sign that tells others your Tesla is always watching. This can scare off anyone thinking of messing with your car.
  • MicroSD to USB Adapter: This gadget lets you quickly plug in your microSD card into a computer or other device, making it easier to view and transfer footage without trouble.
  • Cabin Facing Camera Cover: For privacy inside the car, get a cover for the cabin camera. It’s easy to use whenever you want some privacy.
  • Additional Mounting Options: Find better ways to place your cameras, like new mounts or holders that give you more angles and views around your car.

Third-Party Tools and Software for TeslaCam (featuring TM Spy for Tesla)

TM Spy for Tesla makes your TeslaCam even better. With this tool, Model Y and Model 3 owners can watch TeslaCam videos live, find motions easily, and keep videos safe in the cloud.

It’s simple to use on phones and computers. You’ll love how TM Spy for Tesla lets you check on your car’s camera from anywhere.

This software adds extra safety to your Tesla. You get alerts if something odd happens around your car. Explore tools like TM Spy for Tesla to take full advantage of what your vehicle’s camera can do.

Enjoy more security knowing you can watch over your Tesla anytime.

Conclusion: Maximizing the Benefits of TeslaCam for Safety and Security

Your Tesla is now ready to watch over your car like a hawk, thanks to the mighty TeslaCam. Remember, with just a USB drive and some setup, you can capture everything on the road and keep an eye out when parked.

Enjoy peace of mind as your electric friend keeps its eyes open for you. Drive safe, stay secure, and let TeslaCam be your trusty co-pilot on every trip!

For a deeper dive into managing your TeslaCam footage, check out our comprehensive guide on using TM Spy for Tesla.


1. What is a TeslaCam for Tesla Model Y and 3?

A TeslaCam is like a camera that records what happens outside your car. It helps you see who’s near your Model Y or Model 3 car.

2. Can I buy the right microSD for my Tesla on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can find an endurance class microSD made just for Teslas with fast, free delivery on Amazon Prime.

3. How do I get my TeslaCam to work in my car?

Put the microSD into a USB flash drive that fits your car’s plug-and-play port, then it starts recording videos.

4. Why might I need product support for my TeslaCam?

Sometimes things don’t work like they should, so if there are problems with the file system or setup, lifetime product support can help fix them!

5. Can I view TeslaCam footage on different devices?

You sure can! You can use Windows 10 notebook computers or even thumb drives to look at your videos from any place.

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