Stats App for Tesla Model S/X/3: Maximizing Efficiency

Are you looking to boost your Tesla’s efficiency and go even further on a single charge? The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus sets the bar high with an EPA range of 5.1 miles per kWh, leading the EV market.

This post will guide you through using innovative apps like Stats and TezLab to enhance your vehicle’s performance, maintain battery health, and manage energy usage smartly. Dive in for electrifying tips that supercharge your driving experience!

Key Takeaways

  • The Stats app for Tesla lets you see real – time data, check battery health, and control charging and climate settings from your phone.
  • Smart features in the app include unlocking doors as you approach, automatic trunk opening, and setting cabin temperature before you get in.
  • Use TezLab to track how much you drive and manage battery power. It helps stop phantom drain when your car loses energy while parked.
  • Manage phantom drain by turning off things that use power or limit their charge use with the Stats app.
  • Pre – conditioning your Tesla’s battery means it runs better and charges faster at Supercharger stations.

Understanding the Stats App for Tesla

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The Stats App for Tesla brings vehicle data to your fingertips, showcasing a comprehensive view of your car’s performance and health. This intuitive app serves as an essential tool for Model S/X/3/Y owners eager to dive deep into the intricacies of their electric vehicles’ efficiency.

Overview of Features

Tesla’s electric cars are known for their high efficiency and strong performance. To get even more out of your Tesla, there’s an app called Stats that offers many helpful features.

  • Real-time insights: See important info about your car as it happens.
  • Battery health: Keep track of how your battery is doing over time.
  • Charge control: Decide when and how much to charge your Tesla.
  • Climate settings: Set the temperature in your car from anywhere.
  • Apple Watch compatibility: Use your watch to check on your car.
  • Regenerative braking stats: Learn how to drive to get energy back into your battery.
  • Charge Stats feature: Understand how charging affects what you pay and save.
  • Troubleshooting support: Get help if charge stats aren’t showing up right.

Compatibility with Model S/X/3/Y

The Stats app not only offers a wide range of features, but it also works well with the entire lineup of Tesla vehicles. This means if you own a Model S, X, 3, or Y, you can use this app to keep track of your car’s performance and efficiency.

The app has been designed to integrate seamlessly with these models so that every Tesla owner can get real-time updates and insights about their vehicle no matter which one they drive.

No need to worry about missing out on any functionalities due to your car model – the Stats app ensures all key benefits are accessible across the board. Keep an eye on driving efficiency history or check battery health without trouble; this compatibility makes it simple for all Tesla drivers to manage their electric vehicles effectively.

Key Benefits of the Stats App

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Unlock your Tesla’s full potential with the Stats App; it serves as a powerful companion tool that grants you enhanced insight and control over various aspects of your vehicle.

With this app, owners gain significant advantages in maintaining battery health, optimizing charging practices, and customizing climate settings to their preferences—all contributing to an elevated driving experience.

Real-time Monitoring and Insights

With the Stats app, you get to see everything your Tesla is doing right now. It’s like having a window into your car’s soul. You’ll watch how much power it uses and where it goes as you drive.

The app puts all these details on your phone or tablet in easy charts and numbers.

Knowing what’s happening in your Tesla can help fix small problems before they get big. If something seems off, you catch it fast and sort it out quicker too. This means less time worrying about fixes and more time enjoying the drive.

Battery Health Tracking

After checking on your Tesla’s real-time data, it’s time to focus on keeping the battery in top shape. The Stats app makes this easy by showing you how healthy your battery is. You can see graphs that track the life of your battery over time.

Knowing this helps you take good care of your car’s battery.

The app tells you if the battery power is going down and gives tips for making it last longer. With smart management, you keep your electric vehicle running well for more miles.

If you use a Model S, X, 3, or Y, this tool keeps an eye on your car’s most important part – its battery pack – so nothing surprises you down the road.

Control Over Charging Rates and Climate Settings

Keeping your battery in top shape is one thing, but being smart about how and when you charge can take your Tesla’s performance further. The Stats app gives you the power to set charging rates right from your phone.

You decide how much power to pump into your car’s battery, which means you can avoid overcharging and save on electricity costs during off-peak hours.

With this app, managing your Tesla’s climate settings becomes a breeze too. You can make sure the inside of your car is just the right temperature before you even step inside. This not only makes for a more comfortable ride; it also helps conserve energy by not having to blast heat or AC at the last minute.

Smart use of climate controls helps keep your electric vehicle running efficiently on every trip.

Read our full round up of Third Party Tesla Apps where you’ll find an app for everything.

Enhancing Tesla Experience with Stats App

4. Enhancing Tesla Experience with Stats App: Dive into the plethora of features that the Stats app offers, transforming your daily interactions with your Tesla into a seamless and personalized journey.

Learn how this powerful tool can amplify your driving pleasure and vehicle management through advanced automation and smart technology integration.

Proximity-Based Actions for Convenience

The Stats app makes using your Tesla even easier with proximity-based actions. These features add convenience to your daily drives.

  • Unlock your car as you approach: The app senses when you are near and can unlock the doors for you.
  • Trunk opens automatically: Carry heavy bags? The trunk can pop open without touching anything.
  • Car starts heating or cooling: Your Tesla gets comfy before you even get in.
  • Charge port opens by itself: Ready to juice up? The charge port welcomes your cable on its own.
  • Music and seat settings activate: Your favorite tunes play and your seat adjusts just how you like it.

Smart Window Venting and Sentry View

Tesla owners love smart features that make their cars even cooler. The Stats app brings the power of Smart Window Venting and Sentry View right to your fingertips.

  • Open or close your Tesla’s windows just a little bit with a quick tap in the app.
  • Great for keeping your car cool on hot days without having to run the full air conditioning.
  • Set it up to work automatically based on the temperature inside your car.
  • Watch what happens around your parked Tesla without touching the car.
  • Sentry Mode uses cameras and sensors to keep an eye out for you.
  • Access dash – cam videos right from the app and see important events.
  • Feel safer knowing you can check on your vehicle anytime, even when away.

Charge Reminder and Climate Scheduling

Moving on from smart window venting and sentry view, let’s explore how the Stats App can help with charge reminders and climate scheduling. This app makes managing your Tesla even easier. Here is how it works:

  1. Set Charge Reminders: The app sends you a notification if you forget to plug in your car for charging. This means you’re always ready to go with a full battery.
  2. Schedule Charging Times: Pick when your Tesla charges to make use of lower electricity rates at night or whenever it’s cheaper in your area.
  3. Adjust Climate Settings: Get your car cozy before you even step in by heating or cooling the cabin remotely through the app.
  4. Smart Charging Options: The app learns your routine and suggests the best times to charge based on your past behavior.
  5. Monitor Battery Health: Keep an eye on your battery condition over time, ensuring you maintain its health and efficiency.
  6. Pre-Set Cabin Temperature: Decide what temperature you want inside your Tesla and set it up to reach that comfort level by the time you drive.
  7. View Charging History: Easily look back at your charging data to see patterns and adapt for better battery life.
  8. Use Siri Shortcuts: Just say “Hey Siri, start charging my Tesla” or “Hey Siri, warm up my car,” making tech work for you effortlessly.
  9. Plan Around Your Life: Integrate the app with iCloud Drive so it knows when you’re home and ready for smart charging or cabin pre-heating.

TezLab: A Comprehensive Tool for Tesla Owners

TezLab stands out as a go-to app for Tesla owners. It’s like a fitness tracker but for your car. The app shows you everything from how far you’ve driven to how much battery power you’ve used.

It makes it easy to see if your car is running well and helps you take care of its battery.

With TezLab, you can also keep an eye on phantom drain, which is when the battery loses power while the car isn’t being used. This tool gives Tesla drivers detailed info and tips on keeping their cars in top shape without needing to be experts themselves.

Maximizing Efficiency

6. Maximizing Efficiency: Unlock the full potential of your Tesla by fine-tuning its energy consumption for peak performance; learn to optimize each journey and extend your vehicle’s range with targeted efficiency strategies.

Phantom Drain Management

Phantom Drain is like a sneaky little bug where your Tesla’s power slowly slips away even when you’re not driving. Your car needs some energy just to keep its systems running. If you want to stop this drain, the Stats app can help.

It watches over your battery and shows you how much charge you lose when parked. You get to see which features in your car are using up power.

With the app, take control of Phantom Drain by turning off things that eat up energy or setting a limit on how much charge they use. Make smart choices about charging rates and climate settings right from your phone.

Keep an eye on your battery’s health too, so it stays strong for all those miles driven. This way, every bit of power gets used for taking you places, not wasted while sitting still.

Charge Rate Graph Analysis

Managing your Tesla’s phantom drain is just the beginning. Next up is understanding how to analyze charge rates using graphs. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Open the Stats app on your device and find the section for charge rate graphs.
  • Look at the graph to see how fast your Tesla charges at different times.
  • The graph shows charging speed in miles per hour or kilometers per hour.
  • Notice patterns in charge speeds during warm or cold days.
  • See how garage temperature might affect how quickly your battery fills up.
  • Spot any slow – downs in charging speed, which could mean your battery needs attention.
  • Use this analysis to pick the best time and place to charge your car.
  • Decide if you should warm up your battery before charging for a quicker fill – up.

Battery Pre-Conditioning for Optimal Performance

After looking at how charge rate graphs can guide you, let’s talk about getting your Tesla ready for the road. Pre-conditioning your battery is key to making sure it performs its best.

Think of it as warming up before a workout – it helps your Tesla run smoothly and efficiently.

By setting up smart battery prep, you tell your car when you plan to leave. This way, it gets the cabin cozy and the battery just right for driving or fast charging. Using apps like Stats for Tesla makes this easy.

Your car will be more efficient on short trips and ready to take in power quickly at Supercharger stations without losing energy from being too cold or hot. No guesswork needed – the app handles everything so you can just enjoy the drive!

Another third party Tesla app is the “Scan My Tesla” app for vehicle diagnostics.


Tesla’s electric vehicles, like the Model S, X, and 3, are changing how we drive. With apps like Stats and TezLab, you can make your Tesla even better. These tools help track battery health and control charging to save energy.

They also make daily driving easy with reminders and automatic settings. Using these apps means getting the most out of your Tesla – for fun drives, long trips, and taking care of our planet.


1. What is Stats for Tesla Model S/X/3?

Stats is an app for Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 electric vehicles that helps owners track battery health, warm up their batteries before driving, and schedule charging times for better efficiency.

2. Can I use the Stats app on my Apple Watch or iPhone?

Yes! The Stats app works with iOS apps and is available on the App Store. You can also use it on your Apple Watch to check your Tesla’s stats right from your wrist.

3. Does the Stats app offer safety features for my Tesla?

Sure does! It includes a safety score feature that monitors how safe you drive. Plus, it keeps an eye on your battery’s condition to make sure everything’s working fine.

4. Can you tell me about any extra things I can do with Stats?

With in-app purchases, you can unlock even more tools like spreadsheet exports of your car data or view important info directly from your lock screen without opening the full app.

5. Can I connect to other services using the Stats app?

Absolutely! The Stats app lets you connect to third-party apps such as gmail and twitter so you can get notifications or control certain functions while plugged in or on the move.

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