How To Use The Tesla App: Complete Guide And Tutorial

Have you ever felt lost trying to figure out all the cool features your Tesla comes with? You’re not alone – the Tesla app is like a magical key that unlocks so many possibilities for your car.

This article is going to show you, step by step, how to master every inch of this powerful app and make the most of your Tesla experience. Keep reading; you won’t want to miss this!

Key Takeaways

  • Download the Tesla app and turn on Mobile Access in your car to control it with your phone.
  • Use the app to lock and unlock doors, adjust climate, find your car, and use Summon safely.
  • Schedule service appointments and check for updates through the Tesla app.

Getting Started with the Tesla App

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First off, get your hands on the Tesla app by downloading it from your phone’s app store. Once installed, sign in using your Tesla account credentials to kick things into gear.

Next up, on your Tesla’s touchscreen, ensure Mobile Access is turned on—this connects your car with the app so you can start flexing those remote features right away!

Downloading and Logging In

The Tesla app is a powerful tool for your electric car. It lets you control your Tesla from anywhere using your phone.

  • Pick up your phone and find the Tesla app in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Tap “Install” to download it onto your phone.
  • Open the app once it’s downloaded.
  • Type in the email and password you use for your Tesla account.
  • Press “Sign In” to access all the cool features for your car.

It’s recommended to keep your Tesla app updated at all times.

Enabling Mobile Access on Your Tesla

To control your Tesla from your phone, you need to turn on mobile access.

  • Sit inside your Tesla with your key card or fob.
  • Tap on the ‘Controls’ icon on your car’s main screen.
  • Look for an option called ‘Safety & Security‘ and select it.
  • Find ‘Allow Mobile Access‘ and switch it on.
  • Type in your password for your Tesla account when asked.
  • Press ‘Confirm‘ to finish setting up mobile access.

Navigating the Tesla App Interface

Once you’re logged into the Tesla app, you’ll find yourself on the home screen. Here, clear icons and menus present a roadmap to your vehicle’s various features and settings. Whether it’s adjusting your mirrors or checking battery life, each function is just a tap away.

Dive into different sections like climate control or charging options with ease, as the intuitive layout makes learning and controlling your Tesla both simple and swift.

Overview of the Home Screen

Your Tesla app’s home screen is like a magic window into your car. It shows you what’s happening with your ride in real time. See how much power your battery has or if it’s charging.

Check if the sun is filling up your Powerwall and keeping you off the grid. And with one tap, you can lock or unlock your doors without touching a key.

Understand how to take control from afar by adjusting the climate inside before you even get in. The home screen makes this all easy. Next, explore how to use more cool tools to make every drive smooth and fun!

Accessing Different Controls and Features

The Tesla app is like a magic wand for your car! It lets you control and customize lots of things right from your phone.

  • Open the Tesla app to see the home screen. This screen shows you your car’s battery level and location.
  • Tap on ‘Controls’ at the bottom of the screen. This is where you can play with all the cool stuff.
  • Lock or unlock your doors with just a tap. Keep your car safe without using keys.
  • Turn on ‘Climate’ to make the car warm or cool before you get in. You can even turn on your seat heaters!
  • Check out ‘Location’ to find where your Tesla is parked. Never forget where you parked again!
  • Use ‘Summon’ if you need to move your car out of tight spaces without being inside it.
  • Plan service visits or look at updates for your car by tapping ‘Service.’
  • If you have more than one driver, give them access too! Tap ‘Add Driver’ and enter their info.
  • Manage your Tesla Solar panels or Powerwall if you have them. Go to ‘Energy’ to see how much power you’re making or using.

Mastering the Key Features

As you dive into the treasure trove of the Tesla app’s key features, imagine never having to fumble for your car keys again. With just a few taps on your phone, you can unlock and start your vehicle from virtually anywhere.

Picture yourself adjusting the cabin temperature before stepping outside, ensuring your ride is as cozy or cool as you prefer. Use location services to find your Tesla in a crowded lot or use summon to have it roll out to meet you with ease—like having a personal valet at your fingertips.

And when it comes time for maintenance or upgrades, scheduling service is done in moments right through this powerful app. These tools not only simplify driving but transform how you interact with your car daily; they’re game-changers that offer convenience and control like never before.

Remote Operations: Locking, Unlocking, and Starting Your Vehicle

Controlling your Tesla from your phone is super easy. The Tesla app lets you lock, unlock, and start your car with just a few taps.

  • First, make sure you have the Tesla app downloaded on your phone and that you’ve logged in.
  • Check that mobile access is turned on in your Tesla’s settings. This lets the app talk to your car.
  • To lock or unlock your doors, open the Tesla app and tap ‘Controls’. Then press ‘Lock’ or ‘Unlock’.
  • If you want to start your car without a key, go to the same ‘Controls’ section. Push ‘Start’ and you can drive away!
  • Always remember, for security, you need to be close to your Tesla when using the start feature without a key card or fob.
  • The app shows if your car is locked or unlocked right now. This way, even if you’re not near your Tesla, you’ll know it’s safe.
  • You can set auto – lock options too. They make sure the car locks as soon as you walk away with your phone.
  • Keep your vehicle safe by using maximum security settings through the app. This gives you peace of mind.

Climate Control: Adjusting Your Car’s Temperature Remotely

Your Tesla app puts you in charge of your car’s climate from anywhere. You can make sure your ride is cozy before you step inside with just a few taps.

  • Open the Tesla app on your phone and sign in if needed.
  • Tap on ‘Climate’ at the bottom of the home screen to see your options.
  • Use the temperature adjustment feature to set it warmer or cooler inside your car .
  • You’ll find symbols and buttons for air conditioning and heating; tap these to turn them on or off.
  • Customize settings for different times, like warming up your car while it’s parked during cold mornings.
  • If you want fresh air when you get back, use the app to open windows slightly (if your model supports this feature).
  • The app allows you to turn on the climate system so that by the time you enter, it’s just right for you.
  • For added convenience, check or change settings for rear passengers too if you have a Model S, Model X, Model 3, or Model Y.
holding cell phone displaying tesla logo inside tesla car

Location Services: Finding and Navigating to Your Tesla

After setting the perfect temperature for your ride, you’ll probably want to locate your Tesla or navigate to it quickly. The Tesla app is your go-to tool for finding and getting directions to your car.

  • Open the Tesla app on your phone. Make sure you have mobile access enabled so the app can connect to your car.
  • Look at the map on the home screen. You will see where your Tesla is parked right now.
  • The app shows the current part of your trip. If you need more details, just swipe down on the map to see the whole route.
  • Change the view if you like. Tap a button, and you can switch from a regular map to satellite view.
  • If you own different models like a Roadster or Cybertruck, you can use navigation settings made just for each one.
  • For a cool 3D look, select that option in your app. This can make it feel more real as you plan how to get there.
  • Some people with a Model Y have had trouble with navigation. If this happens, check if everything else works right, like WiFi or Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Always keep in mind that using location services means you’re sharing where you are with the app.

Summon Feature: Moving Your Tesla In and Out of Tight Spaces

Your Tesla app has a great tool called the Summon feature. It lets you move your car into or out of tight parking spots without being inside it. Here’s how to use this smart feature:

  • First, check if your Tesla model has Summon. Model Y owners have Smart Summon, which can do even more.
  • Open your Tesla app and tap on ‘Summon’ at the bottom of the screen.
  • Make sure you’re close to your car. The feature needs you nearby to work.
  • Before using Summon, look around to make sure it’s safe. Keep an eye out for things that could be in the way.
  • Press and hold the forward or reverse button on your phone screen. Your Tesla will start to move slowly.
  • Keep holding the button until your car is where you want it. If something comes up, just let go and the car will stop.
  • Tap ‘Summon’ and then ‘Customize.’
  • Set the bumper clearance to control how close it gets to objects.
  • Use ‘Require Continuous Press‘ for safety. This makes you hold down the button so you can stop quickly if needed.
  • With Model Y, use Smart Summon from farther away.
  • Your car can turn corners and dodge stuff in its path using this function.
  • Grant access to family or friends through the app if they need to use Summon.

Scheduling Service and Viewing Updates

The Tesla app makes it easy for you to take care of your car. With just a few taps on your phone, you can schedule service appointments and check out new upgrades.

  • Open the Tesla app on your smartphone to get started.
  • Tap the ‘Service’ button in the app menu; this is where you can manage everything about keeping your car running smoothly.
  • Choose ‘Schedule Service’ to pick a time and place that works best for you. You can describe the issue or needed service so technicians are ready for you.
  • The app lets you upload photos if there’s something specific with your car that needs attention. This helps the service team understand before they even see your Tesla in person.
  • Check service history to stay on top of past appointments and future needs. It’s like having a health record for your car!
  • Look at available upgrades by selecting ‘Updates’ from the main menu. Here, exciting features like full self-driving capabilities might be waiting for you.
  • Buy any desired upgrades directly through the app – it’s a simple as shopping online!

Looking for an alternative to the official Tesla App? Try the Dashboard for Tesla app for use with Android phones.

Advanced Functions

Unlock the full potential of your Tesla ownership by delving into the advanced functions offered within the app. Learn how to seamlessly extend driving privileges by granting access to additional drivers, ensuring everyone can enjoy the Tesla experience without fuss.

Keep a vigilant eye on your green energy contributions with comprehensive tools for monitoring and managing any installed Tesla Energy products. With these features at your command, you’re not just driving smart; you’re living intelligently.

Granting Access to Additional Drivers

Let’s talk about how you can let more people drive your Tesla using the phone app. You can add or remove a driver anytime through a simple process.

  1. Open your Tesla app. Make sure you’re logged in and on the home screen.
  2. Tap ‘Controls’ at the bottom of your screen. This is where you find many options for your car.
  3. Choose ‘Locks’ within the controls menu. This area lets you manage who can get into and drive your Tesla.
  4. Find ‘Add Driver’ at the bottom of the locks screen. Tap on it to start adding someone new.
  5. Enter the new driver’s name and email address when prompted and hit ‘Send Invitation’. This sends them an invite to access your Tesla.
  6. Wait for them to accept the invitation. They will get an email with steps on what they need to do next.
  7. Once they accept, they’ll be able to use their phone as a key just like you do! They can lock, unlock, and start the vehicle from their own device.
  • Sometimes you might want a family member like a spouse to use the car too. Follow these same steps, and they’ll be all set up.
  • Changing who’s in charge? You can switch the primary driver in your Tesla account settings if needed.

Monitoring and Managing Your Tesla Energy Products

You can keep an eye on your Powerwall, grid connection, and solar panels with the Tesla app. It shows you how power flows in real time. Watch your solar system work day by day or check past records to see how much energy you’ve made.

Control your Solar Roof and other products easily from the app too. Feel like a pro as you manage energy usage and make sure everything runs smoothly straight from your phone. The app turns complex data into simple graphs and numbers, making it easy for you to understand what’s going on with your Tesla energy setup.

Tesla App Troubleshooting Guide

Sometimes, your Tesla app may stop working due to various reasons such as network issues, server downtime, or app glitches. When it’s not working properly, it can cause you inconvenience and frustration.

The most common issue is that the app fails to connect with the car. In such cases, you should first check if your smartphone’s Bluetooth is turned on and working properly.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try restarting both your phone and the car. If none of these steps help, there might be an issue with the Tesla servers.

Following are the most common issues Tesla owners sometimes run into with their Tesla app.

Tesla App Not Updating

If the Tesla app fails to refresh with the latest data, there may be a lag occurring between the vehicle’s connection to both cellular and WiFi networks.

Force closing and restarting the app can help, as can checking that background app refresh is enabled. If the problems persists across devices, reaching out to Tesla Support provides the next troubleshooting steps.

Tesla App “Last Seen” Not Updating

The “last seen” indicator in the Tesla app relies on a data connection between the car and Tesla’s servers. If the “last seen” indicator hasn’t updated in a while, it may indicate a connectivity issue that needs troubleshooting.

Tesla App Not Updating Location

If the Tesla app map isn’t updating your car’s location in real-time, it could stem from weak cellular connectivity, an issue with GPS locking, or a glitch causing a lag in data transfer.

Tesla App Stuck on Connecting

Seeing the “connecting” message persistently on your Tesla app usually means there’s a communication problem between the car and servers. Force closing and reopening the app or checking if a car restart fixes this is a good starting point.

Tesla App Stuck in Service Mode

If features seem inoperable and the Tesla app says “service mode,” a recent service visit may have accidentally left the car in this state. Scheduling another service appointment to restore normal mode is needed.

Tesla App Not Showing My Car

If your Tesla disappears from the app, the first step is ensuring your login credentials and internet connection are working properly before further troubleshooting or contacting support.

Tesla App Not Showing Charging

Charging data could fail to appear when connectivity falters between the charging equipment, car, and back-end systems. Checking if other features of the app also don’t load can help determine where the issue of the Tesla app not showing charging originated.

Tesla App Slow to Wake Up

A sluggish response from the Tesla app when trying to wake up or connect to your vehicle often indicates connectivity issues preventing prompt data transfer.

Transferring Tesla Ownership Via The Tesla App

Transferring Tesla ownership is a process that has been made simple and efficient through the Tesla app. The app allows the current owner of a Tesla vehicle to smoothly transfer the ownership rights to a new owner.

This digital approach eliminates paperwork and makes it convenient both for sellers and buyers. All necessary details, including registration information, vehicle history, and maintenance records, can be accessed through the app ensuring transparency during the transfer process.


Now you know how to use your Tesla app like a pro. Unlock the full potential of your Tesla and manage it with just a few taps on your phone. Take charge of your driving experience, stay in control of your vehicle’s features, and enjoy the ride.

Go ahead, start exploring all the cool things you can do with your Tesla right from where you are!


1. What is the Tesla app guide?

The Tesla app guide is a set of instructions that explains how to use all the features of the Tesla car app on your phone.

2. How can I learn to use my Tesla app?

You can learn to use your Tesla app by following a complete tutorial, which will show you how to control your car and use different apps within it through your phone’s browser.

3. Can I find out what each button in my Tesla app does?

Yes, the guide for the Tesla app will tell you what each button does and helps you understand how to make full use of your car’s features through the app.

4. Will the tutorial teach me every part of using the Tesla app?

Absolutely! The tutorial covers everything from basic controls in the browser to using extra apps so you can get comfortable with all parts of your Tesla’s technology.

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