Tesla Car Names (How To Name + 127 Name Ideas!)

Selecting the perfect name for your Tesla is more than just a trivial decision; it’s an extension of your personality and how you view your innovative electric vehicle. Teslas, known for their sleek design and cutting-edge technology, deserve names that stand out as much as they do.

Whether you’re looking to personalize your car or unlock hidden features, our guide offers practical steps to infuse character into your Tesla experience. Dive in to transform your Tesla from just a car to a reflection of ingenuity and style.

Key Takeaways

  • Naming your Tesla is a personal choice that can reflect your personality, interests, or the car’s features; popular themes include electricity, color, power, space, and pop culture references.
  • You can change your Tesla’s name using the touchscreen in your car or through the Tesla mobile app; it’s an easy process that involves just a few taps on the screen.
  • Some creative names for Teslas include Wattson for electric wit, Midnight Rider for dark – colored cars, and Photon Pioneer to echo innovation.
  • Certain names can unlock Easter eggs within your vehicle’s software—fun hidden features that enhance the Tesla experience.
  • Owners often choose funny or pun – filled names like Ampere’s Cat or Chargey McChargeface to add humor to their drive.

How to Name Your Tesla

A sleek, silver Tesla parked in front of a futuristic city skyline with diverse people and bustling atmosphere.

Picking the perfect name for your Tesla can be as fun as driving it. Consider what excites you about your electric vehicle – its speed, color, or cutting-edge technology. Maybe you admire Nikola Tesla and want to honor his legacy in your car’s name.

Think of words that resonate with innovation or reflect the sleek design of the Model S, X, Y, or 3.

Use the Tesla app on your phone or the touchscreen in your car to make it official. Tap on ‘Car’ in the app, then look for the option to enter a new name. Aim for something unique that brings a smile every time you get behind the wheel.

You could also try out Tesla’s own name generator if creativity isn’t striking at that moment. Whatever you choose will give personality to your ride and set it apart from other vehicles on the road.

How to Change the Name of Your Tesla

A person using the Tesla touch screen to customize their car's name and interior features.

Customizing your Tesla with a unique name gives it an extra touch of personality, and the process to make this change is quite straightforward. Whether you prefer to adjust the settings right from the comfort of your vehicle’s touchscreen or using the convenience of the Tesla mobile app, renaming your EV is just a few taps away.

Change the Name in the Car

Changing your Tesla’s name is like giving it a new identity. It’s easy to do right in the car, and here are the steps to make it happen:

  • Start by sitting in your Tesla and turning on the center touchscreen.
  • Tap the ‘Car’ icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen to open the controls menu.
  • Scroll down and select ‘Software,’ found at the lower section of the menu.
  • Look for your current car name displayed at the top of this page.
  • Touch this current name, which will prompt a keyboard to appear onscreen.
  • Enter the new name you’ve chosen for your Tesla into this field.
  • Confirm your choice by tapping ‘Save.’

Change the Name in the App

A person standing next to a Tesla in a urban environment, holding a smartphone.

You can personalize your Tesla by giving it a unique name. Use the Tesla app on your phone to change the name with these easy steps:

  1. Open the Tesla app.
  2. Tap on ‘Car’ at the bottom of the screen to access your vehicle’s options.
  3. Find and select ‘Settings’, represented by a gear icon.
  4. Scroll down to find ‘Name Your Vehicle’.
  5. Click on this option to edit the name.
  6. Type in your new car name, something that reflects its personality or your own style.
  7. Confirm your choice by tapping ‘Save’.

Unlocking Easter Eggs by Setting Your Car’s Name

A Tesla with a unique name parked in a futuristic urban environment.

Tesla’s Easter eggs are fun surprises built into your car’s software. They show up when you name your Tesla something special. For example, naming it “Patsy” unlocks a Monty Python sketch.

These hidden features add to the excitement of owning a Tesla.

Try different names for unique Easter eggs! Each one gives you and your passengers a laugh or wow moment. Your car is more than just transport; it’s also an adventure. Start exploring by giving it a name in the settings or on the app today!

Popular and Creative Tesla Names

A sleek and futuristic Tesla car parked in a vibrant urban setting.

Dive into the world of imaginative Tesla names, where unique monikers reflect personality, humor, and a touch of innovation—let’s explore what fellow owners are christening their electric chariots.

Electricity Inspired Names

Choosing the right name for your Tesla can show off its electric nature. Think about names that spark images of power and energy.

  • Bolt Cruiser: Calls to mind a swift bolt of lightning.
  • Amp Rider: Highlights the electrical unit of measure, amps.
  • Volt Runner: Reflects both electricity and speed.
  • Spark Speedster: Combines the idea of a spark with fast movement.
  • Thunderbolt: Suggests the raw power behind each Tesla’s electric engine.
  • Charge Master: Speaks to the action of powering up an EV.
  • Electron: Refers to the particles that carry electricity through circuits.
  • Watt Wagon: Plays on the unit of electrical power, wattage.
  • Ohm Mobile: Uses Ohm, which is a measure of electrical resistance, in a fun way.
  • Circuit Racer: Implies speed around the tracks, like electricity through a circuit.

Color Inspired Names

A black Tesla cruises through a bustling city street at night, capturing different people and styles.

Color plays a big role in the personality of your Tesla. Choosing a name based on your car’s color can make it stand out and show off its style.

  • Red Rocket: For a fiery red Tesla, this name captures speed and excitement.
  • Midnight Rider: A sleek name for Teslas with deep black or dark paint jobs.
  • Silver Surfer: Perfect for silver models, this name nods to the futuristic feel of Tesla cars.
  • Blue Bolt: For blue Teslas, it suggests both the color and electric power.
  • White Lightning: This name fits white Teslas, highlighting their quickness and clean look.

Fierce and Powerful Names

A Tesla car races through a lightning storm in a bustling environment, captured in stunning detail.

Tesla cars stand out for their cutting-edge technology and performance. Choosing a fierce and powerful name can reflect the car’s capabilities.

  • Thunderbolt: Suggests speed and raw electric power, just like Tesla’s rapid acceleration.
  • Lightning Rider: Evokes the car’s ability to harness electricity and offers a sense of control.
  • Voltage Vanguard: Indicates leadership in electric vehicle innovation, much like Tesla itself.
  • Electro Fury: Implies intense energy and echoes the revolutionary spirit of Nikola Tesla.
  • Charge Commander: Commands respect with its dominance over electric power, mirroring Tesla’s control over EV technology.
  • Storm Chaser: Perfect for a Tesla that navigates any weather with full self-driving beta capabilities.
  • Power Prowler: Captures the silent yet strong presence of a prowling predator, similar to the quiet strength of an EV.
  • Photon Phantom: Aligns with the futuristic theme of light-speed travel, reminiscent of Nikola Tesla’s work on electromagnetism.
  • Amped Avenger: Combines high energy with heroism, suitable for Model X known for its power and space.
  • Electric Emperor: Resonates with authority and dominance in the world of electric vehicles (EV).
  • Circuit Conqueror: Gives a nod to technological prowess, much like Tesla’s AI-driven systems built into each car.

Pop Culture References

A Tesla Model S parked in a futuristic city with a diverse group of people.

Pop culture references make Tesla names fun and trendy. Choose a name that reflects your favorite movies, shows, or characters.

  • “Knight Rider” – Echo the high-tech car from the ’80s TV show with this classic choice.
  • “DeLorean” – Pay tribute to the time-traveling car in “Back to the Future.”
  • “Batmobile” – Feel like a superhero driving through Gotham with this iconic reference.
  • “Optimus Prime” – Transform your Tesla into the leader of the Autobots from “Transformers.”
  • “Enterprise” – Bring a touch of Starfleet to your electric vehicle by naming it after the famous spaceship from “Star Trek.”
  • “KITT” – Keep it retro with a nod to the intelligent, talking car from “Knight Rider.”
  • “Millennium Falcon” – Capture the spirit of “Star Wars” with this legendary starship’s name.
  • “TARDIS” – Borrow from Doctor Who and suggest your Tesla is bigger on the inside.
  • “Ecto – 1” – Ghostbusters fans will appreciate this spooky reference for their ride.
  • “Lightning McQueen” – Celebrate Pixar’s fast and charming racecar from “Cars.”

Space-Themed Names

An astronaut-themed couple embracing by a Tesla with a starry night background.

Space-themed names for your Tesla can set your electric vehicle apart and show off your love for the cosmos. Embrace the spirit of exploration and innovation that Tesla represents with a celestial name.

  • Starship: Like SpaceX’s spacecraft, this name suggests your car is ready for interstellar travel.
  • Apollo: Remember the famous NASA missions? Your Tesla can carry this legendary title.
  • Orion: Name your car after one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky.
  • Nebula: This cosmic cloud of dust and gas can give your Tesla an air of mystery.
  • Galaxy Cruiser: For a Tesla that’s out of this world, choose a name that promises galactic adventures.
  • Voyager: Inspired by the probes traveling beyond our solar system, this name fits an adventurous spirit.
  • Comet Tail: Fast and bright, just like a comet flying through space—and how some see their speedy Tesla.
  • Black Hole: Give your Tesla an edge with a name that speaks to powerful gravitational pull and mystery.
  • Saturn V: Borrow from one of history’s most powerful rockets to emphasize the strength of your electric vehicle (EV).
  • Mars Rover: In honor of Elon Musk’s plans for Mars, name your Tesla after the rovers exploring the Red Planet.

Eco-Friendly Names

A family poses in front of a Tesla surrounded by lush greenery in a well-lit, bustling atmosphere.

Choosing an eco-friendly name for your Tesla shows you care about the planet. It also reflects Tesla’s mission to create sustainable energy solutions. Here are some green-inspired names to consider:

  1. Green Machine: Suggests your car is part of a cleaner, greener future.
  2. Solar Spirit: Connects your vehicle to the power of solar energy, like Tesla’s Solar Roof.
  3. Earth Lover: Tells the world you prioritize our planet’s health.
  4. Wattson: Plays on the unit of electrical power and pays homage to Nikola Tesla as an innovator in electricity.
  5. Zero Emissions: Highlights the fact that driving your Tesla doesn’t produce tailpipe pollution.
  6. Eco Warrior: Implies you’re fighting for environmental causes just by choosing a Tesla.
  7. Volt Rider: A nod to electric voltage and your car’s battery-powered nature.
  8. Renewable Racer: Combines the thrill of speed with renewable energy themes.
  9. Gaia’s Guardian: Names your car after Gaia, the personification of Earth in mythology, suggesting protection and respect for nature.

Humorous Names

A Tesla with a personalized license plate parked in a funny roadside setting in a bustling cityscape.

Switching from eco-friendly names to something with a bit more humor can give your Tesla a personality boost. Humorous names reflect your fun side and often get a chuckle from passengers and onlookers.

  • Wattson: A smart play on words combining “watt,” a unit of electrical power, with the common last name “Watson.”
  • Ampere’s Cat: Twists the name of famous scientist André-Marie Ampère with the internet’s love for cats.
  • Chargey McChargeface: This funny take on the viral boat-naming trend gives your car a quirky identity.
  • Electric Slide: Offers a nostalgic throwback to a classic dance while highlighting your Tesla’s smooth ride.
  • Volta’s Ghost: Pays homage to Alessandro Volta, with a spooky twist that’s perfect for fans of history and mystery.
  • Sparky: Lends your car an energetic, zippy feeling every time you hit the road.
  • The Current Star: Combines electricity terminology with a nod to being the center of attention.

Top Tesla Car Names

The Tesla Model S driving through a futuristic city with diverse people and bustling atmosphere.

6. Top Tesla Car Names:.

Discover the standout monikers that set the standard for Tesla owners everywhere, leaving an impression as enduring as the innovative technology within each vehicle. These select names not only capture the essence of their cars but also echo the unique personalities and creative flair of their drivers.

Funny Tesla Names

Giving your Tesla a funny name can add a dash of humor to your driving experience. Owners often choose playful names to reflect their car’s personality. Here are some chuckle-worthy options:

  1. Wattson – A clever play on words combining “watt,” a unit of electrical power, and the common surname Watson.
  2. Shockwave – Perfect for a car that moves as fast as lightning and never fails to surprise.
  3. Ampere-ican Idol – Merging “ampere,” the unit of electric current, with the famous TV show for a star-quality ride.
  4. Ohm My God – This punny choice plays on “ohm,” an electrical resistance measure, ideal for those impressed by their car’s performance.
  5. Faraday’s Cruiser – Named after Michael Faraday, this name gives a nod to one of electricity’s great minds while sounding cool.
  6. Charge Norris – Infusing humor with action star Chuck Norris’ name suggests this Tesla packs quite the punch.
  7. Electra Glide – Sounds like a smooth ride and hints at its electric nature; perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts crossing over to Tesla.
  8. The Current Affair – For those who love news puns and appreciate staying up-to-date with automotive technology.
  9. Volta’s Vessel – Inspired by Alessandro Volta, inventor of the voltaic pile, it’s both historical and hip.
  10. Bolt from the Blue – Reflects the instantaneous power delivery electric cars are known for, with a bit of weather wordplay.
A personalized Tesla with a license plate reading Wattson parked in a futuristic city.

Best Tesla Car Names by Color

sleek designs and innovative features

choosing a name based on color adds a personal touch

ColorCar Names
BlackShadow Charger, Midnight Majesty, Dark Knight, Stealth Mode, Onyx Pioneer
WhitePolar Express, White Lightning, Ghost Rider, Snowcap Cruiser, Frostbyte
RedCherry Bolt, Crimson Glide, Ruby Racer, Scarlet Surge, Red Revolution
BlueAzure Speedster, Blue Comet, Sapphire Pulse, Ocean Sprinter, Cobalt Voyager
Gray/SilverSteel Sprint, Graphite Glide, Titanium Twister, Silver Streak, Quicksilver Quest

Selecting a name for your Tesla that complements its color enhances its character and makes your vehicle stand out. Whether you call your black Tesla “Stealth Mode” or your white one “Frostbyte,” the chosen name can reflect both your personality and the innovative spirit of Tesla.

A sleek Tesla car in a futuristic city with diverse people and bustling atmosphere.

Fun Tesla Names

Picking a unique name for your Tesla can be exciting. It reflects your personality and adds a special touch to your car.

  • “Wattson”: Play on the unit of power, perfect for an electric vehicle.
  • “Autobot”: For fans of Transformers, suggesting advanced technology.
  • “Volta”: Honoring another electricity pioneer, Alessandro Volta.
  • “EcoBeast”: Combines eco-friendliness with power.
  • “Black Pearl”: Ideal for a sleek black Tesla, like the famous pirate ship.
  • “Lightning McQueen”: A nod to the speedy character from ‘Cars’.
  • “Optimus Prime”: Another Transformers reference, indicating leadership and strength.
  • “Electra”: Captures the essence of electric power with a classic twist.
  • “Shadowfax”: The lord of all horses in ‘Lord of the Rings’, for a swift white Tesla.
  • “Thor’s Chariot”: After the Norse god of thunder, symbolizing might and energy.

Best Creative Tesla Model 3 Names

Choosing the right name for your Tesla Model 3 reflects your style and personality. Many owners select creative names to set their cars apart.

  • “Electric Blue”: This name is perfect for a blue Model 3, combining its vibrant color with the essence of its electric power.
  • “Whisper”: A fitting name that captures the silent but powerful nature of the Tesla’s electric motor.
  • “Bolt”: Capturing the quickness of the Model 3, this name also nods to electrical bolts, symbolizing speed and energy.
  • “Shadow Runner”: For a black or dark-colored Model 3, this name suggests sleekness and mystery.
  • “Aurora”: Inspired by natural light displays, it implies beauty and electrifying presence, ideal for a car with unique paint.
  • “Surge”: This one is all about power and sudden acceleration that Tesla’s are known for.
  • “Graphite Guardian”: A strong choice if your Model 3 is gray; it resembles protection and durability.
  • “Photon Pioneer”: Merging science with exploration, this could be chosen by someone interested in innovation and tech advancements.
  • “Eco Warrior”: A great pick for those who want to highlight their commitment to environmentally-friendly transportation.
  • “Circuit Racer”: Implies swiftness and connects directly to the electric nature of Tesla vehicles.

Best Tesla Model Y Names

Naming your Tesla Model Y gives it a personal touch that stands out. Creative names can reflect your style or the car’s unique features.

  • Electric Maverick: This name captures the revolutionary spirit of Tesla and its electric innovation.
  • Midnight Runner: Perfect for a Model Y with a deep black or midnight silver metallic finish, it hints at sleekness and mystery.
  • Solarflare: A bright and powerful name that pays homage to Tesla’s commitment to renewable energy.
  • The Silver Surfer: If your Model Y shines in silver, this name nods to speed and agility, just like the comic book character.
  • Lightning Bolt: For a white or light-colored Model Y, this packs a punch and emphasizes its quick acceleration.
  • Green Machine: This suits an eco-conscious owner who values Tesla’s sustainability efforts.
  • The Stealth: A fitting choice for those who have chosen the Full Self-Driving package, symbolizing advanced technology quietly at work.
  • Cobalt Cruiser: Reflects the vibrant blue color option while emphasizing the smooth ride of a Model Y.
  • Aurora: A nod to both natural beauty and futuristic travel; ideal for any color car but especially those in deep blue or red tones.
  • Photon Pioneer: This encompasses both the space-themed heritage of Tesla Motors and its leading-edge tech.

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A sleek Tesla parked in a futuristic urban setting with a bustling atmosphere.

Choosing the perfect name for your Tesla is a fun way to show off its personality and style. With unlimited possibilities, you can get inspired by technology, nature, or even your favorite movies.

Remember that changing the name of your Tesla is simple, whether you want to do it from your car or through the app. Let your creativity shine and give your innovative ride a name that stands out on the road!


1. What are some unique car names from Tesla?

Tesla has come up with unique car names like the Tesla Cybertruck, which is known for its futuristic design.

2. Does Tesla offer a full self-driving option?

Yes, Tesla offers an FSD Beta, which stands for Full Self-Driving beta. This feature aims to enable their cars to drive themselves in many situations without human help.

3. Can I control my Tesla car with an app on my Android phone?

You can definitely use an Android app to control various functions of your Tesla car remotely.

4. How does a neural network help Teslas with full self-driving?

A neural network helps Teslas learn from real-world driving conditions, improving the autonomous vehicles’ ability to navigate roadways safely.

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