Tesla Model Y Most Popular Color (Complete Guide)

Tesla Model Y offers a myriad of color options for both exterior and interior. The exterior boasts five different colors encompassing Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver, Deep Blue, and Red while the interior provides two colors: Black, and Black and White.

These varied color selections enable buyers to personalize their Tesla Model Y according to their aesthetic preferences.

Exterior Colors (Pearl White, Solid Black, Midnight Silver, Deep Blue, Red)

Tesla Model Y comes in five stylish exterior colors. Let’s take a look at these beautiful options:

  1. Pearl White – This is a shiny white that stands out in the crowd. Tesla makes this color extra special with multi-coat paint.
  2. Solid Black – The top-selling color for Tesla is Solid Black. It gives your car a sleek, classic look that never goes out of style.
  3. Midnight Silver – This color is popular too, like Solid Black and Deep Blue. It has a classy, dark gray shade that many people love.
  4. Deep Blue – Another favorite choice among buyers, Deep Blue offers an elegant navy shade.
  5. Red – The bold red hue adds an exciting pop of color to your Tesla Model Y.

Interior Colors (Black, Black and White)

For the Tesla Model Y, there are two interior colors to choose from.

  1. We have the Black color. This option might seem dull or boring for some. But, this color does not show dirt fast.
  2. Then we have Black and White. This is a mix of black and white in one car. It looks clean, modern, and high-class when it’s fresh.

Deep Dive into the Most Popular Color for Tesla Model Y

A Tesla Model Y driving through a futuristic cityscape at night.

Pearl White is the top pick for the Tesla Model Y. Many people love it. It looks modern, clean, and like something from the future. Day or night, this color shines bright. It has a high-quality look that stands out.

Deep Blue Metallic comes in second for favorite colors. This color works well in bright sunlight during the day. But it also looks nice on gray days with less sun. The Deep Blue Metallic offers a great mix of style and fun to any drive!

Evaluating Color Options for Tesla Model Y

In this section, we scrutinize the various exterior color options for Tesla Model Y, delving into the popularity of colors like Pearl White, Deep Blue, Red and Midnight Silver while weighing their pros and cons.

Most Popular Exterior Colors (Pearl White, Deep Blue, Red, Midnight Silver)

The most popular exterior colors for the Tesla Model Y are Pearl White, Deep Blue, Red, and Midnight Silver. These colors not only enhance the car’s overall aesthetic appeal but are also preferred by owners for their quality and performance.

Pearl WhiteThis color is a popular choice for its sleek and classic appeal. It’s also known for its ability to hide minor imperfections and scratches.
Deep BlueDeep Blue is another sought-after color for its rich and vibrant shade. It provides a unique and stylish look to the Tesla Model Y.
RedRed Multi-Coat is popular for its striking and bold appearance. It adds a touch of vibrancy and excitement to the vehicle’s design.
Midnight SilverMidnight Silver Metallic is a favorite for its sophisticated and modern vibe. It gives the car a distinct and elegant look.

Pros and Cons of Each Color

When choosing the color of your Tesla Model Y, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each option. Here are some pointers to guide your decision-making process.

Pearl White Multi-CoatThe best color option due to its elegance, ease of care, and high resale value.Shows dirt and stains easily.
Solid BlackOffers a sleek and classic appearance.Scratches and imperfections can be highly visible.
Midnight SilverStandard color and included at no additional cost. Hides dirt and scratches well.Can appear dull under certain lighting conditions.
Deep BlueProvides a unique and striking look.May be more difficult to resell due to unique color.
RedStands out and attracts attention. Also, it’s a popular choice amongst Tesla enthusiasts.Costs more than other color options. Shows dirt and scratches easily.
Black InteriorOffers a classic and sophisticated look.Can get hot in sunny weather.
Black and White InteriorModern and striking appearance.May show wear and tear more prominently.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Color

Selecting the perfect hue for your Tesla Model Y isn’t as simple as picking your favorite color; you must also consider elements such as scratch visibility, paint durability and appearance, availability of unique colors, and potential alternative options.

Hiding Imperfections and Scratches

Choosing a color that hides flaws is wise. The Jet Black shade of Tesla Model Y does just this. It covers up minor damages and scratches well. Also, the metallic specks in this black paint help mask marks even better.

On the other hand, bright white can easily show dirt and grime. Still, it too can hide some blemishes on your car’s body. So, think about these factors when you pick a color for your Tesla Model Y.

Quality and Appearance

The color of your Tesla Model Y plays a big role in its look. A good paint color will make your car shine and stand out. High quality paints like metallic finishes give the car a sleek, shiny look.

Solid colors, such as deep blue shade or solid black, can give it a strong and bold feel. Also, the right color can boost the resale value of your Tesla Model Y. So think about how different colors may fit with its body shape before you choose one.

Limited and Unique Colors

Tesla Model Y has few color options. Each of these colors is unique and adds to the appeal of the car. The deep blue metallic or midnight colors are dark. These darker shades have a lot of fans.

Yet, it’s not all about looks when picking a color for your Tesla Model Y. Different factors come into play too. Some people choose darker colors as they hide scratches well. Others may go for a unique choice to stand out on the road.

Alternative Color Options

Tesla Model Y offers other paint choices too. These may make your car look unique. Some people want green and blue for their Tesla Model Y. In the future, we might see these colors more often.

A lot of people are talking about what colors will be offered in 2023 and 2024. The color you pick can also impact how much money you get when you sell your car later on. So choosing a different color can be a smart move.


Choosing the right color for a Tesla Model Y is important. It shows your style and impacts the car’s value. Pearl White is a top pick because it looks clean and fancy. Each color has its own charm, so pick what you love most!

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