Who Makes The Cameras For Tesla Vehicles?

Have you ever wondered who’s behind the camera technology that powers Tesla vehicles? Each of these cars is equipped with an intricate system of cameras, central to its self-driving capabilities.

Our blog dives into unraveling this mystery, shedding light on Tesla’s camera suppliers and providing in-depth analysis of their contribution to your driving experience. Ready for a fascinating journey about what goes into making your smart car truly ‘smart’?.

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla’s cameras now mostly come from Samsung.
  • Before, LG Innotek gave Tesla most of their cameras.
  • Now, Samsung gives eight out of ten camera parts to Tesla.
  • The deal with Samsung helps make better and safer cars for Tesla.
  • More new cameras from Samsung will be put in the next self – driving tech by Tesla.

Tesla’s Camera Supplier History

A sleek Tesla Model S drives through a bustling city street at night.

Tesla’s journey in sourcing cameras for its vehicles began with LG Innotek, but a recent significant switch was made to Samsung.

Previous suppliers (LG Innotek)

Tesla once got its cameras from LG Innotek. This company was Tesla’s biggest camera supplier for a long time. Even today, it still makes some of the cameras that Tesla uses in its cars.

LG Innotek even has a big job coming up with Tesla. They will make and ship camera modules worth $746 million to Texas. The new Tesla plant there needs these parts.

New deal with Samsung

Tesla signed a big deal with Samsung. This multi-billion-dollar agreement is for making cameras for Tesla cars. Now, 80% of the cameras that Tesla uses come from Samsung. LG Innotek gives them the other 20%.

The money worth of this deal between Tesla and Samsung is $436 million.

This marks a big change in who makes cameras for Tesla cars. Before, LG Innotek was their main camera maker. But now, it’s different – more than half the work goes to Samsung now! It shows how important and good at tech stuff like this that Samsung has become.

Also, another company called “Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.” will make special driving sensors for Tesla too!

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Detailed Analysis: Who Makes The Cameras For Tesla Vehicles??

The switch to Samsung has made a big difference for Tesla’s camera technology. The quality of the side repeater cameras has greatly improved with this change. These are found on the front sides of Tesla vehicles.

Also, in-car camera use now happens in Model 3 and Model Y vehicles when Autopilot is on.

Impact of Samsung Deal on Tesla

The Samsung deal has positively influenced Tesla by boosting its camera production and enhancing the efficiency of its supply chain.

Increased camera production

The deal with Samsung boosts camera production for Tesla. As the main provider, Samsung now makes 80% of all camera modules in Tesla cars. This huge leap means more cameras will be made than ever before.

The boost is thanks to a multibillion-dollar partnership between the two firms. Now, both companies expect an upturn in supply and output of high-quality cameras for Tesla vehicles.

Improved supply chain

Tesla’s deal with Samsung improved its supply chain. Tesla needed a better way to get parts for its cars. Samsung now helps with eighty percent of the camera parts Tesla needs. This makes sure that Tesla can make more cars faster.

Samsung’s help is not just about speed. It also brings better quality to the supply chain. With Samsung, Tesla gets top-notch camera modules for their self-driving systems. This change helps make Tesla cars even safer on the road.

Benefits of Samsung as Tesla’s Camera Supplier

Samsung brings a wealth of experience in camera technology to the table for Tesla. Their proven record within the industry ensures high-quality, reliable camera modules. Furthermore, Samsung’s production capabilities can meet Tesla’s growing demand efficiently.

This partnership adds significant value to Tesla’s self-driving sensor suite and enhances its autonomous vehicle manufacturing process.

Proven track record in camera technology

Samsung is the major supplier for Tesla’s cameras. This wasn’t a random pick by Tesla. Samsung has shown strong skills in camera tech over many years. Its work in this field is reliable and scores high on quality tests.

They are known as a trusted provider of camera technology worldwide. With its vast experience, Samsung does not disappoint when it comes to fulfilling Tesla’s high demands for advanced and dependable cameras in their cars.

The deal between these two giants shows how much trust Tesla puts in Samsung’s camera technology based on their proven track record and expertise.

Capability to meet Tesla’s demand

Tesla needs a lot of cameras for its cars. Samsung can meet this big demand. It will make 80% of the camera modules used by Tesla in all models. This means that almost every Tesla car will have a Samsung camera in it.

The deal between Tesla and Samsung is worth many billions of dollars. It makes Samsung the biggest supplier for Tesla, even bigger than LG Innotek.

Latest Developments

In the most recent developments, Tesla has begun shipping new cameras for its Full Self-Driving (FSD) hardware 4.0. Additionally, the company has entered into an agreement with SAIC-GM in China to further expand their Supercharger network.

Shipment of new cameras for FSD hardware 4.0

Tesla is set to launch full self-driving hardware 4.0. This new tech will have more cameras with a better view. The supplier made the new cameras and they are ready for use. Some Tesla Model S cars already have this upgrade.

It shows that Tesla’s plans for self-driving are moving fast.

Agreement with SAIC-GM in China for Superchargers

Tesla China has formed a team with SAIC-GM. This is the first time Tesla is working with a Chinese car maker on charging stations. It lets SAIC-GM’s EV owners use the Supercharger Network in China to power up their cars.

The deal upgrades how Chinese customers charge their EVs. It also brings more fast charging spots for SAIC-GM’s EV riders using Tesla’s network, showing Tesla China’s aim to share its charging tech with others.


Tesla cars have cameras made by Samsung. This big deal has helped Tesla make more cars. Samsung’s great track record in camera tech meets Tesla’s needs well. These new cameras are ready to ship and will be used in self-driving tech.


1. How many cameras are on a Tesla car?

A Tesla car is fitted with eight surround cameras that provide 360 degrees of visibility.

2. What is the use of these cameras in Tesla cars?

These cameras help in self-driving capabilities, parking assistance, and enhanced safety while driving.

3. Can I turn off the camera in my Tesla?

No, you cannot turn off the built-in cameras as they’re critical to run vehicle’s safety features.

4. Do all versions of Teslas have these many cameras?

Yes, all new models of Teslas come equipped with eight surround-view cameras standard.

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