Tesla Model 3 Security Camera: Enhanced Security

Vehicle security is a top concern for many car owners today. Among the leaders in advanced vehicle protection, Tesla Model 3 provides unique features like the Security Camera System to keep your ride safe.

This article will guide you through this innovative feature, explaining what it does and how you can optimize it for your peace of mind. Ready? Let’s secure your Tesla!

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla Model 3 has a security camera system. It keeps your car safe.
  • Sentry Mode and Cabin Camera watch your car when you’re away.
  • Dashcam records while driving, PIN protects from theft, Tilt Sensor alerts movement inside the vehicle.
  • Easy remote access lets owners keep an eye on their cars from afar.
  • These tools are to stop crime and give peace of mind to owners.
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Tesla’s Security Features for the Model 3

Tesla Model 3 offers a range of advanced security features including Sentry Mode, Dashcam, Cabin Camera, PIN to Drive and tilt/intrusion sensor for advanced protection. The vehicle leverages camera-based detection systems along with remote access capabilities to improve car safety and provide peace of mind for the owner.

Sentry Mode

Sentry Mode is a key part of Tesla’s security features for the Model 3. It uses the car’s cameras and sensors to keep an eye on things when you’re not there. If someone gets too close or tries to get in, Sentry Mode starts recording.

You can see this footage right from your mobile device using the Tesla app. Some people have had issues with private recordings being shared without their okay though.

Cabin Camera

The Cabin Camera is a neat tool in Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y cars. It sits above the rearview mirror. This camera gives an extra eye inside your car. If bad things occur, it catches them.

Soon, you can turn on this camera with a software update. Some people worry about being watched while driving though. But security of your car is the main goal here. The Cabin Camera is part of a system called Cabin Camera Analytics.

And remember, it works well with other safety measures in these cars.


The Dashcam is a key part of Tesla’s Model 3 car. This tool records video of what happens around your car when you drive. If there’s an accident, it can save the footage all on its own.

You have proof if something bad happens or if someone acts weird near your car. It boosts car safety and keeps watch for you. It makes driving and parking safer and gives peace of mind to those who use this feature.

PIN to Drive

“PIN to Drive” is a great feature in the Tesla Model 3. Through the car settings, you can turn on this feature. You will make a four-digit PIN. This is very important for your car’s safety.

It works with other Tesla security systems like GPS tracking and Sentry Mode. Using “PIN to Drive” gives your car an extra layer of safety. To drive, you must put in your unique PIN.

Tilt/Intrusion Sensor

The Tilt/Intrusion Sensor is key in Tesla’s Model 3 cars. This tool senses motion inside the car and any tilt or movement of it. If something triggers it, an alarm will go off in the car.

With this, your Tesla gets even safer from those who should not get in. It works well with other safety tools like Sentry Mode and the Cabin Camera. This sensor gives an extra layer of safety against theft or unwanted break-ins to keep your vehicle safe at all times.

In-Depth Guide on How to Use the Tesla Model 3 Security Camera Feature

We delve into the full suite of Tesla Model 3’s security features, explaining how to enable Sentry Mode for intensive surveillance, use the Cabin Camera for remote vehicle monitoring, view recorded Dashcam footage, set up PIN to Drive for added security authentication and understand alerts from Tilt/Intrusion Sensors.

Enabling Sentry Mode

Turning on Sentry Mode is a key step to boost your Tesla’s security. Here’s the simple process:

  1. First, tap on ‘Controls’ from the car’s main screen.
  2. Then choose ‘Safety and Security.’
  3. Next, select ‘Sentry Mode.’
  4. Once ‘Sentry Mode’ is selected, pick the places you want it to work.
  5. Now your car will check its area when it’s locked.

Using the Cabin Camera for Remote Access

As you get to know your Tesla Model 3, you will find out it has a cabin camera. This camera sits above your rear-view mirror. Here are some easy steps on how to use the Cabin Camera for remote access.

  1. Go to the ‘Safety and Security’ menu in the car. It shows up on the touch screen.
  2. Turn on the ‘Cabin Camera’ option.
  3. Now your interior camera is active!
  4. From home or work, you can watch what is happening inside your Tesla.
  5. Use a phone app for easy access.
  1. Have a good internet connection when using remote viewing.
  2. Pay attention to any alerts from the intrusion sensor.
  3. Save all video clips for safety reasons.
  4. Only share camera footage if needed.
  5. The interior surveillance system is always there to protect you.
  6. Keep privacy in mind when using this car feature.

Viewing Dashcam Footage

The Dashcam feature in the Tesla Model 3 is a key tool for safety. It grabs video clips while you drive the car. Here’s how you can make full use of this feature:

  1. First, insert a USB flash drive into your Tesla.
  2. Next, set up your flash drive for recording.
  3. Now, you can start driving and the dashcam will record all around your car.
  4. To view the recorded video, tap the camera icon on the touchscreen.
  5. If you want to save a clip right away, tap on “Save Footage.”
  6. You can see ten – minute clips that get stored in the dashcam folder.
  7. The Tesla Mobile App also lets you view dashcam footage in real – time.

Setting Up PIN to Drive

Setting up the PIN to Drive feature on your Tesla Model 3 is a smart move for extra vehicle safety. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, go to ‘Controls’ on your car’s touchscreen.
  2. Next, look for ‘Safety & Security’.
  3. In this section, find ‘PIN to Drive’.
  4. Now you need to enter a four – digit PIN of your choice.
  5. Remember this number because you will need it each time you drive.

Understanding Tilt/Intrusion Sensor Alerts

The Tesla Model 3 has a fantastic tool called the Tilt/Intrusion Sensor. It boosts your car’s safety. Here are the key points about this tool:

  1. The sensor spots any movement inside the car. If someone gets in, it lets you know.
  2. It also senses if your car moves or tips over. This might mean someone is trying to take it without asking.
  3. You can make the alarm go on by using the touch screen in your car. Go to ‘Controls’ > ‘Safety & Security’ > ‘Security Alarm’.
  4. One minute after it sees some movement, the alarm will go on.
  5. This smart tool helps keep thieves away from your vehicle.
  6. The sensor is just one of many ways that Tesla keeps your car safe.

Benefits of the Tesla Model 3 Security Camera Feature

The Tesla Model 3 Security Camera feature delivers enhanced vehicle security, providing peace of mind to car owners. It aids in catching potential criminals and protecting your vehicle against theft or vandalism.

With the convenience of remote access, monitoring your car has never been easier.

Enhanced Vehicle Security

Your Tesla Model 3 has top-notch security. The in-car cameras improve cabin safety. These cameras support Tesla Vision. This system is smart and sees all around your car even when parked.

Another feature, Sentry Mode, keeps an eye out for problems while you’re away from the vehicle. It records any threats that might pop up when you’re not there. You can trust these video clips because they don’t link to you or your car’s details at all.

Plus, Enhanced Summon makes driving safer too! This feature helps your car move by itself in some spots on the road where needed.

Peace of Mind

The Tesla Model 3 security camera gives you peace of mind. Your car is always under watch with this feature. It works when your car is parked in any place. This added protection saves your vehicle from threats.

The cameras keep an eye on every angle of where the car sits.

Sentry Mode does a great job guarding your vehicle. It will alert you if anyone tries to harm your car. You get full control over this security system, even when far away from the Tesla model 3 through remote access option.

You don’t have to worry about what’s happening around your parked car anymore! Now, having a good night sleep or enjoying time with friends is easy because Tesla keeps an eye on things for you.

Catching Potential Criminals

Tesla’s Model 3 security camera helps stop crime. The Sentry Mode keeps an eye on your car when you are away. The Cabin Camera lets you check inside the car from far away. If someone tries to get into your car, it starts recording right away.

This video can help the police find who did it. You also have proof for insurance claims if needed. Yes, privacy is important too! Tesla makes sure that workers cannot misuse these recordings by sharing them in chat rooms or elsewhere without consent.

Protecting Against Theft and Vandalism

Your Tesla Model 3 is safe from theft and harm. The security camera feature helps a lot. It has Sentry Mode that watches your parked car for you. If someone acts strange near your car, the cameras will catch them! This antitheft measure keeps your car safe when you’re not around.

Plus, people who might hurt or steal from cars will think twice before messing with a Tesla! You can also see what’s going on inside your car using the cabin camera even if you’re far away.

This remote monitoring ability gives peace of mind and safety all in one.

Convenient Remote Access

You can keep watch on your Tesla Model 3 from far away. This is called Convenient Remote Access. You just touch the Controls menu on your car’s screen to see what’s going on around it.

You get live camera feeds of your car and its nearby area. If someone comes close, you can even talk to them through the system. The update also allows you to choose who gets remote access to your car for more control.

So, with this feature, you don’t have to worry about parking in new places.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tesla’s Security Camera Feature

This section will answer common queries related to Tesla’s security camera features, such as compatibility with different models, the impact on battery life, audio recording capability, accessing camera footage procedures and the availability of other camera-based features.

Which Vehicles Support These Features?

All Tesla cars have these features. The Model 3, Model S, and Model X all support the security camera feature. These car models use electric vehicle monitoring systems for safety. The camera-based features are part of Tesla’s focus on automotive security technology.

If you own any of these Tesla models, you can enjoy the benefits of in-car cameras and remote monitoring systems.

Does it Drain the Battery?

Yes, the security camera system in a Tesla car uses power from the main battery pack. But don’t worry about your battery dying. The smart Sentry Mode stops on its own if the car’s battery charge drops to 20%.

Your Tesla is safe and won’t let your battery die while keeping an eye out for you.

Can Audio Be Recorded?

Yes, audio can be recorded in some situations. Tesla’s cabin camera is set up to keep your car safe. It does not track voices or sounds from inside the car at all times. But, if a crash happens, it may record sound along with video for a short while.

This is only done so that Tesla can learn how to make their cars safer in the future. But remember, you have control over this feature and can turn off its use at any time in the car’s settings menu.

How to Access the Camera Footage?

You can see the video from your car’s camera on your phone. Use the Tesla iOS app to watch it. The car should be in Sentry Mode to do this. This mode makes sure that all videos are safe for you to look at later.

The Tesla iOS app is easy to use for this job. It lets you watch what happened around your car while it was parked or driving. So, if anything happens, you can find out by checking the video on your phone right away!

Are Other Camera-Based Features Available?

Yes, Tesla cars have other camera-based features too. Sentry Mode is one of them. It uses outside cameras to find threats when your car is parked. There’s also a Live Cam feature in this mode.

It lets you see live videos around and inside your car. The Tilt/Intrusion Sensor is another feature that helps keep your car safe. If someone moves inside the cabin, it sounds an alarm.

All the video clips stay nameless and don’t link back to you or your car.

Detailed Review of the Tesla Model 3 Security Camera Feature

The Tesla Model 3 security camera offers great ways to keep the car safe. Sentry Mode stands out among these features. It works with cameras and vehicle sensors. Its job is to tell if there is a risk when the car is parked and alone.

Sentry Mode records video of everything that happens around your car. The camera can catch anyone trying to do bad things to your car, like break-ins or damage. Yet, some people worry about their privacy with this feature.

Another thing you get with Model 3 is PIN protection, also known as ‘PIN to Drive’. It comes handy in keeping the bad guys away from driving off with your Tesla even if they have access to your key fob!

There are cameras inside too! The cabin camera gives live footage of what’s happening inside the car which you can watch remotely on your mobile device via app. A cool use-case could be keeping an eye on pets left in the vehicle during short breaks.

More so, Tesla adds dashcam for viewing stuff right on screen while driving around town, giving important view-points not easy for drivers otherwise.

Lastly, there’s tilt/intrusion sensor alerts. This part helps note any movement inside or outside when it’s not supposed to happen; say after parking and locking up for night.

Yet, some claim that these recorded clips sometimes get seen by folks at Tesla itself creating trust issues but no clear evidence supports such claims yet.


Tesla Model 3’s security features are great. They keep your car safe. The cabin camera and Sentry Mode watch for danger. So, you can be stress-free about your car’s safety with Tesla Model 3.


1. What is the Tesla Model 3 security camera feature?

The Tesla Model 3’s security camera feature uses car cameras to watch over your vehicle when it’s parked.

2. How does the security camera make my car more safe?

The security camera records and saves videos, helping to deter thieves or capture any suspicious activity around your car.

3. Can I view the recordings from the security camera?

Yes, you can view saved videos from the “Dashcam Viewer” option on your Tesla’s touchscreen.

4. Will using this feature drain my Tesla’s battery?

Using the Security Camera Feature uses a small amount of power but should not significantly impact battery life.

5. What if someone tries to damage or steal my Tesla while it’s recording?

If someone tries to harm or steal your vehicle, an alarm may sound and you’ll receive a notification alert through your mobile app immediately.

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