Tesla B Pillar Camera: Effortless Navigation in Confined Areas

Navigating through tight spaces with your Tesla can be a challenge. Did you know, your car comes equipped with a handy tool to assist? This post will guide you on how to make use of the B Pillar Camera for effortless manoeuvring in confined areas.

Let’s unlock this less-explored feature!

Key Takeaways

  • The Tesla B Pillar Camera sits in the car’s door pillar. It helps you see around your car when parking or driving in small spaces.
  • This camera makes your drives safer and easier. It also aids the self-driving feature of Tesla cars.
  • You can look at the B Pillar Camera feed by using the touch screen remote inside your Tesla.
  • Keep the camera clean for clear views. If fog builds up, call a service team to fix it.
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What is the Tesla B Pillar Camera?

The Tesla B Pillar Camera is an advanced feature located on either side of the vehicle, serving as a high-tech assistant that allows real-time surveillance, enabling safer navigation particularly in confined areas.

Location on the vehicle

The Tesla B Pillar Camera is right in the door pillar of the car. It sits high over the rear license plate. Each fender has its own camera too. These point to the back of your car at a 45° angle.

Purpose and function

The Tesla B Pillar Camera is key for safe driving. This camera sits in each door pillar of the vehicle. Its job is to show more visual data for better navigation, especially in tight spots.

The extra view also helps power up the car’s advanced camera systems. Plus, it plays a major role in making the Tesla self-drive better. So, not only does this special camera make your drives safer, but it also makes them smoother and smarter!

Benefits of Utilizing the B Pillar Camera for Navigation in Confined Areas

This section will delve into the myriad benefits of using the B Pillar Camera for navigation in tight spaces, emphasizing its role in enhancing safety, preventing potential damage to your vehicle through scraping, and making parking a breeze.

Increased safety

The Tesla B Pillar Camera boosts safety for your car. Its job is to look out for trouble on the road. This helps stop crashes from happening. Also, it makes sure you don’t hit things when you park or drive in tight spots.

The camera helps keep both the driver and those around them safe. It is like extra eyes at all times!

Avoidance of scrapes and damage to the vehicle

The Tesla B Pillar Camera is a tool for vehicle protection. This camera helps you see clearly around your car. You can use it to prevent crashes in tight spaces. With it, you can avoid scrapes and damage to your car.

It adds safety when you park or navigate small areas. The view from this camera makes driving easier and safer for all Tesla owners.

A driver uses a B Pillar Camera to navigate a narrow parking space.

Assistance in parking

Parking your Tesla can be easy. The B Pillar Camera is very useful for this. It helps in reverse driving. It also works well with reverse automatic emergency braking.

The camera shows a view that reaches up to 50 meters behind the car. This aids you when parking and moving in tight spots. The view includes direct rear and side rear-pointing cameras too, making it easier to see while parking.

There are ultrasonic sensors in the front and back bumpers of your Tesla car. These sensors help even more with parking and moving around small areas.

In-Depth Understanding of Tesla B Pillar Camera

The Tesla B Pillar Camera sits on each door pillar. It helps you see around your car with ease. This camera makes it easy to drive in tight spaces. It also stops blind spots from making driving hard for you.

Fog can sometimes build up inside this camera. If this happens, you may need to call a service team to fix it.

This camera is not alone though. Other cameras and sensors aid it in doing its job well. Together, they provide a full view of the area near the car.

Big blind spots caused by how the car is made or parked are no trouble at all! The B Pillar Camera will give clear views even in these tough cases.

How to Access the Door Pillar Camera Feed

To access the door pillar camera feed, click on the Vehicles tab in your Tesla interface and select ‘Safety and Security’; following this will shed light on steps to unleash the power of B Pillar Camera.

Stay tuned as we delve into expert tips for seamless navigation.

Steps to accessing the feed

Looking at your Tesla’s screen gives you access to the door pillar camera feed. Here is how it works:

  1. Sit in your Tesla car.
  2. Pick up your Tesla touch screen remote.
  3. Tap on ‘Controls’ on the bottom – left corner of the screen.
  4. Look for ‘Safety & Security’ and tap on it.
  5. You will see ‘Sentry Mode’. Turn it on.
  6. Now go back to the main screen.
  7. Find the red dot at the top of the screen and tap on it.
  8. Here, you can see all saved video clips from Sentry Mode and Dashcam.
  1. Check if something is blocking the camera lens like dirt or a sticker.
  2. If there is condensation, point your air vent in that direction or clean the camera enclosure.
  3. For Model S cars, make sure sensors for locking and unlocking are working fine.

Tips for using the camera for navigation

Using the Tesla B Pillar Camera can be a key tool for easy driving. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. First, find the left door pillar camera. It is on the side of your car.
  2. Next, turn on your car and log in.
  3. Then find how to see all cameras on Tesla’s main menu.
  4. Click on it and note that the door pillar camera feed pops up.
  5. Start using the camera for navigation. This is useful in tight spaces to avoid scraping the sides of your car’s front bumper.
  6. Be alert for any alerts like “Tesla pillar camera blocked or blinded”. For this, you need to go back to step 3 above.
  7. If there is condensation, you need to clear it from the camera enclosures by directing air vents towards it.


Tesla’s B Pillar Camera is a game-changer for driving in tight spots. It will keep your car safe and looking its best. This camera makes parking a breeze too. Using this tool, driving gets even easier for Tesla owners.


1. What is a Tesla B Pillar Camera?

A Tesla B Pillar Camera is a device fixed on the side of a Tesla car to help in seeing and avoiding objects while driving.

2. How does the Tesla B Pillar camera work?

The Tesla B Pillar camera works by capturing video feed around your car, helping you spot nearby objects when parking or reversing.

3. Can I install a Tesla B Pillar camera myself?

No, it’s not safe to self-install a Tesla B pillar camera; always seek professional assistance for installation.

4. Does every model of tesla come with the b pillar camera?

Most new models of Teslas come with built-in B pillar cameras as part of an advanced safety feature package.

5. How will using a B pillar camera improve my driving in confined areas?

Using a B pillar camera can improve your driving by providing clear views around and behind your vehicle, making navigation in tight spaces easier.

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