How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last?

Tesla is the biggest electric car brand in the world, led by entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Teslas are super attractive, fast, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

However, they are expensive, and they are run by a battery, rather than gas.

how long does a tesla battery last

This in itself is amazing, but there are some things you may need to know before investing in an electric car.

One of these is how long the battery is expected to last, whether it be during a single drive, or for its entire lifetime. 

The short answer is that Tesla batteries have a lifespan of over 20 years. As for how long it will last on a single charge, that’s a little more complicated.

In this article, we are going to discuss all of this in more detail, and tell you what to do if the battery dies whilst driving.

And without further ado, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

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How Does A Tesla Battery Work?

A tesla battery works by using power from the lithium-ion battery to power and control the car.

When the battery is charged, the power cells are live, and ready to get you on the road.

The batteries in a Tesla are super strong, with a heating system that will warm up the battery if it is cold.

In regular cars, there have been incidents where the motor (powered by a battery) will not start due to cold weather.

Because Teslas are completely electric, this technology is appreciated, especially when it does get cold.

Tesla batteries need to be charged regularly, much like every other electric car. 

What Happens If The Battery Dies Whilst Driving?

This is often one of the worries about owning an electric car, because it is not known what happens, or what you should do if the battery dies.

So, if you are driving with a low battery, and it dies, the Tesla will slow down, and notify you that the battery has died, and it will not be able to continue driving.

It will come to a gradual stop, and usually put itself into parking.

This is a safe option, and there is no risk of it sputtering and jumping as a typical car may do when it has a malfunction.

If this happens to you, it is easily resolvable, as you will simply need to charge it up again.

But, because you cannot get your car to a charging port, you will need to call a roadside assistance company to take you there, or to take your car home to its charging port.

There are also portable car battery chargers that you can carry around in the trunk for emergencies, which is super helpful, you will just have to wait for it to charge enough to get you home. 

Do Teslas Charge Whilst Driving? 

Tesla does not charge when they are driving, and this is because there is no access to the electric outlet when operating and using the car.

However, the benefits of having an electric car will retain the battery, and keep things in check.

This includes the regenerative braking, because the wheel motors will act as generators, saving the battery that would ordinarily be used for this.

How Far Can A Tesla Go At 100mph/160kph?

You may not find yourself driving your Tesla at this speed very often, but it is pretty interesting to see how far the car will go when driving at such high speeds.

It is estimated that a Tesla can last for almost 90 miles on a full charge at this speed.

It will use about 870 watt-hours of electricity per mile, meaning it can actually last for some time at such a high speed. 

Is It Free To Charge A Tesla?

Is It Free To Charge A Tesla? 

Indeed, you can charge your Tesla for free. Tesla offers enough charging for the first 1000 miles you drive for free!

This means you will be charged around 30c per kWh after this allowance.

Destination chargers are usually free where there are specific Tesla charging points, but a lot of time you will have to pay to charge your car.

However, this is cheaper than filling up a car with gas, so it works out pretty well. 

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last?

Now, here’s the important thing. We’re going to tell you how long a battery lasts in a Tesla.

We are going to cover how long the battery lasts on a single charge, as well as its lifetime. 

On A Full Charge

On a full charge, a Tesla battery will last for just over 330 miles. This is a huge range, and just slightly more than a typical gas-fuelled car.

This means that you could drive for at least three to four hours without having to charge your battery.

330 miles is the range that the car would have on a full charge, and some models of Teslas have a lower range.

For example, the Model 3 Tesla has a range of 270 miles, whereas the Model S Tesla has a range of 405 miles.

It completely depends on the model of Tesla you have, as well as the number of miles you have driven, and the speed you are driving at. 


The lifespan of a Tesla is incredibly long, and the battery is expected to last you double the time a regular car would last you.

As you know, regular cars have a mileage counter, with the more miles driven, the more worn the car will become over time.

When you consider this to the lifespan of a Tesla battery, you can understand how long Tesla batteries are expected to last. 

Tesla batteries are thought to last between 300,000 miles and 500,000 miles if everyone drove 15,000 miles a year. 

After our calculations, this means that a Tesla battery will last you anywhere from 21 years, but up to 35!

This is amazing for a car, as most regular cars will typically not last that long, and it is truly groundbreaking for the environment, too.

There are too many disposed cars that have engine failures, whereas a Tesla can have its battery replaced, as long as everything else is intact.

It is actually easier to replace a Tesla battery than it is to replace a phone battery! 

Final Thoughts

Teslas are extremely reliable and long-lasting cars, with a battery span of over 20 years.

So, with the right care and maintenance, you can make your Tesla last many years, as well as lasting several hours on the road between charges.

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