Does Wyoming Have a ZEV Mandate?

Direct answer: No, Wyoming does not currently have a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the complex issue of ZEV policy within Wyoming.

We understand how important it is for you to stay informed about eco-friendly transportation trends and regulations in your area.

We’ve done thorough research to provide you with a detailed overview of the current state and possible future of Wyoming’s commitment to zero-emissions vehicles.

This article is tailored for those interested in understanding green vehicle mandates and electric car legislation in Wyoming. Sit back as we explore this crucial topic together.

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Key Takeaways

1While Wyoming currently does not have a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate, the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is actively working on strategies for ZEV infrastructure. Public discussions around a draft strategy have been initiated as part of efforts to establish equitable statewide access to zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.
2Wyoming’s ZEV Strategy is focused on establishing a foundation for business solutions related to ZEV infrastructure. However, potential legislative measures may disrupt these initiatives as some lawmakers propose banning electric vehicles by 2035 to protect the state’s oil and gas industry.
3The rate of electric vehicle adoption in Wyoming is currently low, with only 456 registered electric cars reported. Projections suggest that this slow uptake may continue through 2030, despite the availability of grants aimed at encouraging increased adoption.

Understanding Wyoming’s ZEV Status

Contrary to states like California with active ZEV mandates, the ZEV policy in Wyoming currently does not include any such mandate.

Instead, this state belonging to the Rocky Mountain region of the U.S., has chosen an alternative route for eco-friendly transportation strategies. While there is no strict Wyoming ZEV requirement, it does not mean that the state ignores zero-emission vehicle programs entirely.

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) takes a proactive approach towards green vehicles, especially in creating and maintaining an equitable statewide access to zero-emission vehicle infrastructure.

This is outlined in its draft strategy for Zero Emission Vehicles and National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure plan. The goal is clear – laying a foundation for business solutions related to ZEV infrastructure while making significant strides towards clean car standards in Wyoming.

It’s worth noting that despite these initiatives, lawmakers within the state have proposed controversial legislation aimed at banning electric vehicles by 2035, which would seemingly counteract Wyoming’s commitment to zero-emissions vehicles.

Wyoming Department of Transportation’s Proactive Stance

The WYDOT has been instrumental in shaping up the future landscape of electric vehicle regulations in Wyoming.

In April 2022, public meetings were organized focusing on their draft strategy for Zero Emission Vehicles and National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure plan – a bold step towards promoting eco-friendly transportation across the state.

This strategic effort by WYDOT aims at setting a solid foundation for businesses related to ZEV infrastructure while ensuring equitable access statewide.

However, this does not necessarily indicate an imminent introduction of a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) mandate. Despite a proactive stance on green energy adoption, it appears that legislations on mandatory adoption are still far from being implemented.

While these efforts are commendable, they seem to be shadowed by controversial proposals from some lawmakers seeking to ban electric vehicles by 2035 – all with an eye on protecting the indigenous oil and gas industries.

Controversial Proposals Against Electric Vehicles

Despite progressive steps taken towards green vehicle policies, there is some controversy brewing within political circles regarding electric cars legislation in Wyoming. There have been suggestions that lawmakers are seeking to phase out new sales of EVs by 2035 as part of a proposed bill.

Such contentious plans seem strongly influenced by those wishing to protect the fossil fuel industry which forms an integral part of Wyoming’s economy.

Such planned actions could potentially undermine efforts towards realizing green vehicles mandates or introducing programs similar to those found on California’s Zero Emission Vehicle mandate explained here.

However, clarity remains elusive regarding such legislative proposals and their impact on possible future ZEV mandates.

The Current State of Electric Vehicle Adoption in Wyoming

By current standards, adoption rates for electric cars remain considerably low compared with other parts of America. As per WYDOT’s Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy report from 2021-22 period; only 456 registered EVs exist within this sparsely populated state.

Given these figures and current trends around EV uptake nationwide, projections suggest that EV adoption will likely remain low through 2030 unless significant incentives or regulatory measures are implemented.

Despite billions available through grants intended for increased electrification, these resources appear inconsistently utilized leading further uncertainty surrounding future growth rates among electric vehicle owners.

Anticipated Future Of Zev Mandates In Wyoming

In terms of anticipating how future Zev Mandates would look like; based upon current initiatives around developing suitable infrastructures combined with political inclinations favouring phasing out new sales after 2035 leaves much open interpretation.

To date no clear legislative direction exists indicating where possible future mandates might head – adding further uncertainty already present due limited uptake existing models among residents across State.

This paints rather complex picture where one hand we see proactive moves towards facilitating greener alternatives but other side also proposals completely ban all-electric vehicles roads post mid century.


Despite proactive steps from the Wyoming Department of Transportation towards Zero Emission Vehicle infrastructural planning, the future of electric vehicles in the state remains uncertain due to potential legislation phasing out these vehicles by 2035.

This ambiguity could severely impact any future intentions for a ZEV mandate in Wyoming, making it crucial for clear legislative decisions to be made in support of or against this environmentally-friendly technology.

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