Why Should I Get An Electric Car?

Electric cars are not a completely new thing, but they are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. Their sales are booming, with 2021 being the strongest and most popular year of purchases.

Broadly speaking, some compelling reasons to get an electric car are their reliability and performance, low maintenance, their potential to reduce environmental impact, as well as the impact on your wallet.

Why Should I Get An Electric Car

Almost every brand has a range of electric cars, even luxury car brands such as Rolls-Royce. Tesla is the most popular brand of electric cars, but there are lots to choose from.

So, why should you get an electric car? There are multiple benefits to electric cars, such as offering a real alternative to spending money on gas.

Let’s find out more about electric cars, often referred to as electric vehicles or “EVs” and the advantages of having one.

How Do Electric Cars Work?

Electric cars are a simple and environmentally friendly alternative to regular cars that use gas. Electric cars work by being charged up, just like any electronic device.

The electricity is taken from the grid in your city or state and stored in the batteries inside the car. These batteries power the electric motor, which allows the whole car to power up and start.

Electric cars usually start up and accelerate faster than normal cars, so are lighter and often more comfortable to drive.

The batteries are generally lithium-ion batteries that have a high energy density, meaning they can store a lot of power within them.

This powers up the car, and will last for many miles, depending on the kind of car that you have.

Why Should I Get An Electric Car?

There are many reasons to consider getting an electric car. We are going to be talking about some of the best advantages of owning and driving an electric car.


Fuel is super expensive, and it turns out that the cost of charging an electric car is actually a lot cheaper than buying gas. It is common for electric car charging ports to be a lot cheaper to run, buy, and use, in comparison to gas.

If you have an electric charging port at home, you can choose to charge your car overnight. This is what most people do, so they wake up to a car with a full battery.

Why Should I Get An Electric Car

Nowadays, there are also many public charging ports and this is primarily seen at grocery stores and in cities. It is just as accessible to charge your car as it is to buy fuel nowadays.

With an electric car, you will be saving hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs. Whilst electricity is not free, it costs a lot less than fuel.


Everybody knows that cars are not cheap to run and maintain.

However, electric cars typically have fewer mechanical parts, and they do not ever require maintenance in the same way that a gas-fuelled car does.

This is because they do not have oil, spark plugs, or fuel flyers, simply because they do not need them.

There is also less risk of the brake pads requiring replacing, partly due to the electric motor helping decelerate the car without the use of the brakes so much.

This means that the maintenance costs of your electric car will be significantly lower than that of a regular car.

It is estimated that electric cars require 30% less maintenance than traditional cars, but this will also depend on the type of electric car you have.

If you had a big SUV with a lot of power, it is likely it will cost you slightly more than a smaller electric car.


This is one of the most important parts of having an electric car. When you are using pure electricity to power your car, it actually produces zero emissions on the roads.

This decreases the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and lowers smog.

This is also considering the production of electricity because although this is not by-product free, it is a lot better for the environment than producing and using gas.

Having an environmentally friendly car means that you will have better health and cleaner air in your area.

This is especially true if there are a lot of electric cars where you live, and this could dramatically increase the air quality.

There are harmful effects of greenhouse gases, and we are seeing the impact of them on our health, as well as the environment.


A lot of the time, electric cars are quicker and more comfortable to drive.

There are not as many mechanical operations that happen when you drive an electric car, and this is down to the fact that there are not as many components to the cars.

This means that you can reach speeds quicker, and maintain them.

Electric cars produce peak torque from a standstill, without having to wait for the gas to build up and increase the power of the engine.

They also have amazing handling when driving them. This is because the large battery is typically placed in the center of the car, meaning the car has a better center of gravity than regular cars.

Furthermore, this decreases the chances of accidents and bad handling.


This one is not so prominent, but in certain states, you have access to the carpool lane as a solo driver.

This is because you are not producing greenhouse gases, so you can get to work quicker knowing that you are helping the environment, as well as congestion!

This is the law in California, and giving electric cars consistent carpool access is acting as a great incentive for people to look into buying electric cars.

This has increased the number of people in the state who own an electric car, along with its other benefits.

Final Thoughts

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, with the hope that most people will be driving them within the next twenty years.

There are lots of benefits to buying an electric car, whether this is price, performance, or maintenance. However, we all know that driving electric cars is the most beneficial thing for the planet.

Thanks for reading!

Jonathan Rice