Does Hyundai Make A Hybrid SUV?

Hyundai is a popular South-Korean car manufacturer. They are internationally acclaimed and enjoy a reliable and positive reputation.

Does Hyundai Make A Hybrid SUV

Hyundai Group owns Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis, and they produce some of the best and most reliable cars out there.

Out of all 32 car brands, Hyundai was rated as the third most reliable, with the annual repair costs being less than $500 a year. (Information cited from Auto Chimps).

In addition to that, Hyundai does in fact produce hybrid SUVs that are identical to their standard SUVs. They sell hybrid models of the Kona, Santa Fe, and Tucson.

Read on to learn more about Hyundai and their Hybrid SUV’s. 

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Does Hyundai Make Electric Cars? 

Yes, Hyundai does make electric cars.

Hyundai believes that the advantages of hybrid cars outweigh the advantages of regular cars, and they are slowly introducing a wide range of electric and hybrid vehicles.

This is because electric cars are climate-friendly, cost-effective, as well as enjoyable and comfortable to drive.

The Hyundai Kona Electric is 100% electrically powered, with battery life lasting over nine hours.

The car is attractive and powerful, reaching speeds of 70 kWh in under seven seconds.

The newer IONIQ cars are completely electric too, with their futuristic appearance and smooth ride.

Does Hyundai Make A Hybrid SUV?

Well, if you’re looking for a reliable hybrid SUV, you’re in the right place.

Hyundai makes hybrid SUVs, and these are the same as their regular SUVs. They offer hybrid versions of the Kona, as well as the Santa Fe, and Tucson.

All of these cars are super reliable and roomy, and they are perfect if you are looking for a great hybrid SUV.

Let’s look at some of these hybrid SUVs in more detail.

Kona Hybrid

The Kona hybrid is one of the best hybrids on the market, and pretty highly rated in the world of electric or hybrid vehicles.

It is a stylish car, with a lot of new design features and new technology to make your driving experience comfortable, easy, as well as economical.

The car is very attractive, with smart fuel efficiency, meaning the fact that it is electric really comes in handy.

There is also an advanced driver assistance system, with all the features of an advanced gasoline SUV, but using a lot less fuel. 

The car has a petrol engine, as well as an electric motor. These two components work in harmonium, along with the powerful hybrid battery.

This battery is what makes the vehicle a hybrid, instead of a gas car. The battery helps give the car excellent fuel efficiency, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions.

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With this hybrid engine, the conventional petrol engine will cut in and out with the electric motor, and sometimes both may be used.

The maximum speed of the Hyundai Kona is 161 km/h, with it taking 11 seconds to reach 100 km/h. This is pretty fast, especially for a hybrid SUV.

It is by no means the fastest, but it produces 114g of co2 emissions per km, making it a better and more eco-friendly SUV than most.

The beauty of a hybrid engine is the fact that the electric motor may kick in when it is necessary to save on emissions, or when it is most beneficial to your fuel economy and environment.

The regenerative braking system means that the battery is always charged when the electric motor slows down the car.

This energy is saved for hard acceleration and driving uphill.

Santa Fe Hybrid

The Santa Fe is a plug-in 7-seater hybrid with a lot of beauty and performance. The car is electric when you require it, and gas powered in other situations.

The benefit of this is that you have double the mileage range in one charge or gas fill up.

This is because once you run out of one, the other one will kick in to replace it, giving you complete flexibility.

You can then plug the car into a charging station when you need to, and use the gas to get you there.

The car is a seven seater, so naturally, it will use more fuel.

For this reason, the electric motor is super helpful, kicking in for fuel consumption and economic costs.

The inside of the car is super modern and classy, with all of the latest navigation technology, as well as charging support.

The fact that it has many seats means that it is a lot more comfortable, giving you convenience, as well as performance. 

In terms of performance, the Santa Fe has a six speed automatic transmission, improving fuel economy even more.

The hybrid engine will switch between the gas and the electric motor, the same as the other Hyundai hybrids.

If you charge the car in a wall box, you can have a full charge within three and a half hours. 

Tucson Hybrid

The Tucson Hybrid is the last hybrid on our list, offering some state-of-the-art design and features.

The car is completely redesigned from its original design, with hybrid modern power.

The car has a 1.5 kWh lithium-ion battery, getting some amazing results when driving in electric mode.

The hybrid powertrain allows the car to switch between the two options seamlessly, lowering your fuel consumption drastically. 

The features of this hybrid SUV are super modern and comfortable, with a smooth and easy ride each time.

There is also the option to get the sports version if you are interested in something more glamorous.

The Tucson has all of the same features as the other Hyundai hybrids, as well as having a 5-year mileage warranty, and an 8-year battery warranty. 

Final Thoughts

Hyundai is the leading car manufacturer in South Korea, making some truly incredible and reliable cars.

Hybrid cars are super efficient, and the fact that the motor will change from electric to gasoline is perfect for you, and better for the environment.

Thank you for reading!

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