Best Tesla Color: Guide to Most Popular Colors.

When purchasing a Tesla vehicle, color selection can greatly impact the overall look and feel of the car. From sleek and timeless black to bold and striking blue, the range of colors offered by Tesla can make choosing just one a daunting task. The question arises: which color is the most suitable for you?

The best Tesla color is the Pearl White Multi-Coat, as it effortlessly masks dirt and scratches. Furthermore, it is the only color included in the base price of all models, making it a budget-friendly option for those who want to avoid additional costs.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the best colors available for Tesla cars. I’ll talk about the most popular Tesla car colors, some new colors, and colors only available for the Tesla Model Y and S series.

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pearl white tesla model 3
Pearl White Tesla Model 3

Choosing a Color for Your Tesla

Choosing the best Tesla color not only impacts the look of your vehicle but can also affect its maintenance and overall appearance.

Hiding Scratches

The Pearl White Multi-Coat color is the superior choice for masking scratches on Tesla vehicles. Its composition of white and iridescent hues effectively conceals scratches and other blemishes, enhancing the appearance of the car. 

Additionally, it has a relatively low price tag compared to other Tesla color options. 

Silver Metallic could have been a strong competitor for the title of best scratch-concealing color for Tesla vehicles. However, with Silver Metallic’s discontinuation, Pearl White Multi-Coat has emerged as the undisputed champion in this regard.

Ease of Cleaning

Silver and white are considered the optimal color choices for ease of cleaning. These shades are great at hiding dirt and scratches, particularly during winter, making them a practical and attractive option. 

However, some might find white more high maintenance as bugs can easily stand out on the front bumper. 

On the other hand, black is the worst in terms of showing dirt and scratches and requires more effort to keep it looking clean. While red is a visually striking color, it may require more work to maintain its appearance than Silver and White.

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For daylight looks, the award goes to Deep Blue Metallic color. 

Its rich, intense blue tone stands out in bright daylight, making it a popular option for individuals seeking to make a bold statement with their car. 

In second place is Red Multi-Coat, which also offers a vibrant and eye-catching appearance in daylight.

For a sophisticated and refined nighttime appearance, Solid Black is the ideal color choice for Tesla vehicles. The solid black hue exudes elegance and timelessness. At the same time, the glossy finish creates the illusion of a seamless and uninterrupted surface, adding to the car’s sleek appearance.


In many regions, pearl white is the standard color for electric vehicles and is, therefore, the most budget-friendly option. 

Black is the cheapest color option as it requires the least amount of pigments. 

White, while having multiple shades and toners, is the second cheapest color option.

On the other hand, red is the most expensive color option due to the difficulty in producing red pigments and its lower demand in the automotive industry.


Maintenance requirements of each color can impact their popularity and demand among buyers.

Black is known to be a difficult color to maintain as it requires a lot of effort and can easily attract dust, even after cleaning. White also has similar maintenance issues, but it can look great when clean, especially with the added flake. 

On the other hand, red is considered a solid color option that is easy to maintain. Blue is a cool color, particularly at night. Gunmetal grey is a classic color that is least likely to show daily drive grime.

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Some owners don’t care about this factor, but perhaps you want your car color to feel distinctive.

Tesla adjusts its color production based on the popularity and demand of different colors, and the market value of each color impacts the production decisions. 

Red, white, and silver are popular among sports car buyers and tend to hold their value well. Tesla buyers are likely to buy them even if they are not competitively priced. 

Tesla recently increased the price of its red multi-coat models, making it its most expensive paint option. This could raise demand as used car buyers recognize its added value.

Tesla discontinued the brown color in late 2014 because it was not popular with buyers. As a result, it often offers a discount of 10%

Gray is the third-most common Model S color, suggesting that there may be more supply than demand in the used car market. 

Green was also discontinued in 2015 due to low demand, and blue hues are typically less popular with luxury car buyers. 

As you can see, the available selection of Tesla colors at any given time depends on the sales performance of each color.


Popular Tesla Colors

Many people are drawn to Tesla colors for their sleek and modern aesthetic. However, the best colors are subjective and depend on the buyer’s personal preference. 

Some of the most popular color options are: 

  • Pearl White Multi-coat: a brilliant white hue with multiple coats for a polished appearance. 

Metallic colors:

  • Deep Blue Metallic: a distinctive and fashionable deep blue hue with a metallic finish. 
  • Midnight Silver Metallic: a classy and refined dark silver hue with a metallic sheen. 
  • Obsidian Black Metallic: a rich and deep shade of black that boasts a metallic luster, adding a sophisticated touch to the vehicle (discontinued). 
  • Metallic Silver: a shiny and contemporary silver color with a metallic finish (discontinued).

Darker colors:

  • Solid Black: a sleek and elegant black color.
  • Red Multi-coat: a bold and athletic red color with a multi-coat finish.

What Are the New Colors for Teslas?

Tesla has been known for its simplicity and innovation, limiting the number of colors offered to ensure quality in the paint shops. 

However, in November last year, Tesla introduced two new colors for Europe and the Middle East. 

The new shades are produced at Giga Berlin and include the following:  


Tesla Quicksilver is a color option for the Model Y electric vehicle. It is a liquid metal effect color that gives the car a sleek and dynamic look and accentuates its shape.

Delivery begins in February 2023 with an added cost of $3000. Although limited in availability, the manufacturer hopes to make it available in Berlin’s paint shops soon. 

Midnight Cherry Red

This new shade replaces the regular red color and has a deeper, reflective look. 

With 13 layers of multi-coat paint, the Midnight Cherry Red color is a highly advanced color that changes shades depending on the light reflection. The unique shade comes with an added cost of $3000 to the retail price.

Best Tesla Model Y Colors

The Model Y offers five color options similar to those available for other Tesla vehicles. 

Multi-Coat Red

The color red is striking and eye-catching, but it also comes with a premium price tag of $2500. Some Tesla vehicle owners have reported that red cars may be more likely to attract the attention of law enforcement. Furthermore, the additional cost of the red color option makes it a deliberate and pronounced choice. 

Pearl White Multi-Coat 

Pearl white is a no-cost white color that is also multi-coat.

White can easily hide dust and scratches and looks great in any scenario. It also reflects heat, keeping the car cool and conserving power and energy. And of course, it comes with no added cost, which is a major factor in the decision of many buyers.

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Solid Black 

Solid black is a sleek and sophisticated color. It has matching elements like black tires and window tints.

However, it’s not multicoat and costs an extra $1000. Black absorbs heat, causing the car to heat up in the summer and requiring more cooling system use, wasting battery energy. So the Solid Black color is best suited for cooler regions. 

Deep Blue Metallic 

Many people prefer the deep blue metallic color, which is both popular and sophisticated, especially when combined with a white interior. Despite its high cost, it is favored over black by many individuals. 

The deep metallic blue costs an extra $1000.

Midnight Silver Metallic 

Midnight silver metallic is an understated color. It has the lower maintenance needs of all the colors for the Model Y. Some may consider that it looks dirty and lacking in reflectiveness. However, many owners praise how cool and shiny it looks. It’s a free color in many regions.

solid black tesla model s at charging station
Solid Black Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Colors

The Tesla Model S is a very advanced vehicle, first introduced in 2012 and continuously updated with new features and technology.

This luxury electric car is available in two options for the latest 2022 model

  • Dual-motor all-wheel drive. 
  • Tri-motor all-wheel drive “Plaid.” 

In the past, the Model S was offered in popular colors such as Obsidian Black Metallic and Midnight Silver Metallic, but these are no longer available. 

Currently, the Model S color options are similar to those of the Model Y. They are: 

  • Deep Blue Metallic
  • Red Multi-Coat
  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Solid Black

The options for the interior color are: 

  • All black. 
  • Black and white. 

What If You Want a Different Color for Your Tesla?

If the available Tesla colors do not meet your preferences, you can customize your vehicle by paying an additional $1000 or more to have your favorite color. This cost covers the services of a professional who will apply a vinyl wrap in the color of your choice.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in purchasing a Tesla vehicle, you have various color options to choose from. 

Determining the “best” color is subjective and depends on your tastes and requirements. The best color is the one you like the most and meets your needs. 

However, there are several factors that could help you select the appropriate color for you, such as ease of maintenance and extra cost.

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